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Hendry Susanto, Fahrenheit's Fake Trading Robot Management Boss Arrested!

Police continue to move to uncover cases of alleged fraudulent trading robot Fahrenheit. Now the leader of the Fahrenheit fraud suspects, Hendry Susanto, has been arrested.

This was conveyed by the Dirtipideksus Bareskrim Brigadier General Whisnu Hermawan to detikcom,dikutip Simkom Media Wednesday (23/3/2022). In connection with this case, the police had previously arrested four suspects.

"Hendry Susanto has been arrested," said Whisner. Henry Susanto is now being held at the Criminal Investigation Unit of the Police. Hendry himself is a director at PT FSP Akademi Pro, a company that manages Fahrenheit's fake trading robot.

"He has been detained. Hendry is in the Criminal Investigation Unit," he said.

Police Arrest 4 Suspects

Previously, the police had arrested four suspects related to the Fahrenheit trading robot fraud. After that, the police chased the leaders of the four suspects, namely Hendry Susanto.

Director of Criminal Investigation at Polda Metro Jaya Kombes Auliyansah Lubis said the Fahrenheit trading robot is managed by PT FSP Akademi Pro. The company is led by a man named Hendry Susanto or HS.

"PT FSP Akademi Pro is led by a person named HS, who was introduced by the perpetrators who have been arrested at Polda Metro," said Auliansyah Lubis during a press conference at Polda Metro Jaya, Tuesday (22/3). , Auliansyah only explained that this Fahrenheit trading robot boss was a director at the PT.

"For the time being, from the results of the examination of the four people we have secured, according to their statement, (Hendry Susanto) is a director at PT FSP Akademi Pro," Auliansyah added.

He confirmed that Hendry Susanto was the owner of the company. This was obtained from data searches by the police.

"Then we also checked the data from the PT and indeed the director is Mr. HS," he explained.

Bareskrim Arrests DPO Owner of Evotrade Illegal Trading Robot Application Directorate of Special Economic Crimes (Dittipideksus) Police Criminal Investigation Unit arrested DPO in the case of Evotrade illegal trading robot, Anang Diantoko. Anang is the owner of the illegal trading robot Evotrade.

"An arrest has been made on Sunday, March 20, 2022, against the suspected DPO owner Robot Trading Evotrade on behalf of Anang Diantoko," said Director of the Criminal Investigation Department Brigadier General Whisnu Hermawan to reporters on Wednesday (23/3). Anang was arrested at Villa Grey, Jalan Duku Indah. , Gg Japan, Umalas District, North Kuta. The police managed to confiscate 10 cellphones, 3 modems, 6 ATM cards, 1 Honda Vario unit along with BPKB, as well as Rp 1.6 million in cash. The suspect was then investigated and detained at the Police Criminal Investigation Unit," he said.

Previously, the Dittipideksus Bareskrim Polri arrested another owner of the Evotrade illegal trading robot application, Andi Muhammad Agung Prabowo. Andi was arrested by the police while he was at a hotel in Central Jakarta (Jakpus). "On Thursday, January 20, 2022, at around 16.00 WIB, the suspect Andi Muhammad Agung Prabowo (as the owner of the Evotrade trading robot) was arrested at one of the Evotrade trading robots. hotel in the Jl Kebon Kacang area, Central Jakarta," said Director-General of the Criminal Investigation Department Brigadier General Whisnu Hermawan to reporters, Monday (24/1). The money consists of rupiah and Singapore dollars.

"The evidence of Singapore money is more than Rp. 12 billion. Yes (confiscated) at the location where the suspect was arrested, there are dollars and cash in rupiah," he said.

"Three cellphones belonging to the suspect (also confiscated)," continued Whisnu.

When said the boss of the illegal trading robot application Evotrade was immediately arrested. The police are currently still searching for Andi's assets

Already Eating Victims, Trading Robots Have No Regulations Investment through trading robots is again being discussed. The reason is that there is a trading robot platform called Fahrenheit which has cost investors trillions of rupiah.

It is evident from the reports of the victims to the police who feel that they have been harmed, due to the reason that Fahrenheit's owner wants to take care of his permit. However, the result is not a profit but a dead end.

"During one hour of margin calls, losses, all investments were lost and it was estimated that up to Rp 5 trillion," said one of Fahrenheit's victims, Chris Ryan, Tuesday (15/3/2022). Ryan's trading said it was safe because every day he was still profitable. Once on January 28, the platform was terminated on the grounds of wanting to take care of licensing until it was finally frozen due to incomplete permits.

In the end, on the evening of March 7, when they wanted to do trading again, it went down continuously until the money was drained. It is said that the investment made by customers is from USD 500 to USD 1.5 million.

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