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 Who is Ghozali every day? This is Ghozali's Complete Profile and Biodata every day, Age, Job, Instagram Account

Who is Ghozali every day? This is Ghozali every day's complete Profile and Biodata, there is age, occupation, Instagram account.

Recently, Ghozali's name has gone viral among the public, because of his fantastic income from selling hundreds of selfies as NFT.

The owner's full name is Sultan Gustaf Al Ghozali, is a 7th-semester student of the D4 Animation Study Program at Dian Nuswantoro University (Udinus) Semarang.

His name suddenly went viral because of the very high income he got, even though he was still in college. According to the available information, Ghozali earned fantastic income from his efforts to sell hundreds of selfie photos on the OpenSea site.

Non-Fungible Token (NFT) is a digital asset that has now attracted Indonesian investment interest in cryptocurrencies.

Where selfie photos that have been sold by Ghozali are photos for the last 5 years, starting from 2017 which have been taken regularly.

What is interesting and unique is that the selfie photos taken have faced with the same expression, on stage in front of the same computer but with different backgrounds. There are 933 NFT photo items available, with 621 photos belonging to Ghozali sold in the last 30 days.

With the description of the lowest price of 0.13 Ethereum or around Rp. 6 million, and a total trade of 1.2 billion.

What is surprising is that several Indonesian public figures, such as Arnold Poernomo and Reza Arap, have also bought Ghozali's NT photo.

The following is the bio of Ghozali every day, which is summarized by Portal Kudus from various sources.

Full name: Sultan Gustaf Al Ghozali

Origin of Birth: Semarang, Central Java

Birthdate: June 4, 1999

ign: justify;">Age: 22 years old


Occupation: Student, Content Creator

Education: SMKN 5 Semarang, Department of Animation D-4 Dian Nuswantoro University

Instagram account: @ghozaliphoto

NFT Account: Ghozali Everyday

This is Ghozali's everyday biographical information, complete with age, where you were born, job, education, Instagram.

The popularity of NFTs (non-fungible tokens) in the country has recently been on the rise after the photo sale by Ghozali every day. It was recorded that Ghozali earned around Rp. 1.5 billion only by selling selfie photos on OpenSea.

NFT itself is a cryptographic token that represents an item that is considered unique. NFT is likened to a certificate of art or antiques and the owner can sell it. Although it can be used to buy something, NFT cannot be traded or exchanged like cryptocurrency. The NFT concept itself only allows buyers to own the original item without anyone being able to copy it.

On his OpenSea page, Ghozali has sold nearly a thousand selfies since 2017. Initially, Ghozali's photo was only valued at 0.0001 ETH or around Rp. 45 thousand, but now the price has skyrocketed after several NFT collectors offered his photo. Now one Ghpzali photo is priced at 0.3 ETH or 14 million rupiahs. tempted to try their luck at OpenSea. Before starting transactions, it is recommended that you have a digital wallet first.

This wallet will later function to convert your money into crypto money. Generally, people will use MetaMask as a cryptocurrency digital wallet. For your information on OpenSea, the currency that will be used to buy NFT is Ethereum (ETH). After that you can register and complete a profile on OpenSea, then connect OpenSea with your MetaMask by clicking on your profile and then selecting the “connect to wallet” option or selecting the connection to the wallet. After that agree to the transaction and complete the requested conditions.

If so, please log in again to the OpenSea site and select 'Create'. Enter NFT from the dropdown menu. Followed by selecting 'Create New Collection' to upload your NFT. You can give a name and description to the uploaded photo if you have clicked save and wait for the confirmation message. For users who want to create a new NFT, simply click 'Add New Item' under the 'Collections' icon 6. After that, your artwork is ready to be uploaded and wait for approval from NFT.

If approved then your artwork will appear in the buy and sell list. Finally, after all the steps above have been done, you click the link on one of the works then enter the selling price of the work.

Although it's not difficult, you need to be aware of scammers or scams in this field, instead of the profit you will lose if you are not careful. Ghozali Gets Billions of Rupiah from His Selfie Photos, Starting from Fun Thinking Funny ThingsThe name of Sultan Gustaf Al Ghozali (22) suddenly became the public spotlight.

Because, his selfies in the form of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) which were sold on OpenSea accounts, sold up to billions of rupiah.

From 2017 to 2021, Ghozali regularly takes selfies.

He has been taking selfies since he graduated from SMK N 5 Semarang until now studying at Dian Nuswantoro University (Udinus) Semarang, Central Java.

From his selfies, Ghozali managed to get Rp 1.5 billion.

Several Indonesian celebrities also bought Ghozali's NFT, they are Chef Arnold and Reza Arap.

"Know NFT from campus and internet references." When I first uploaded it to the original NFT, I imagined it would contain 2D 3D or pictures of good works. But I think it's funny if one of the collectors has my face," he said in Semarang,

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