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 Wrong Filling of BBM, This is a Risk That Must Be Born by Vehicle Owners

The case of wrong fuel content is actually not a new thing. This error can occur due to the wrong line at the gas station or the driver forgets the type of fuel in the car he is driving. Not infrequently, a model is sold in petrol and diesel options.

The error is usually when a diesel-fueled car is filled with gasoline, or sometimes vice versa. Those of you who have filled the wrong fuel doesn't need to worry, because there is still a solution. The car was not damaged immediately and can still be saved.

Basically, if the fuel that goes into the tank does not match the engine specifications, technically it will definitely cause problems in the vehicle. In most cases, petrol cars filled with diesel usually break down shortly after refueling.

Also, make sure the fuel you buy is guaranteed quality and purity. Thus, we also maintain the durability and performance of vehicle engines. As a result of the wrong fuel content, we have to be prepared to drain the tank after the car breaks down.

Incorrect Filling of BBM, Human Error Factors Errors when refueling is usually absolute due to human error. It could be from the wrong driver in line or the gas station attendant who took the wrong fuel nozzle.

Worse yet, a more serious error was caused when refueling from a tanker truck. This happened several years ago at a gas station in Yogyakarta. There was a mistake going into the filling tank of the gas station, which was supposed to be gasoline but filled with diesel.

If this is the case, it's not just one or two people who are harmed, but dozens of vehicles could become victims as a result of being crammed with diesel and gasoline. To minimize or avoid incorrect fuel content, you should pay close attention to the dispenser at the gas station.

As technology advances, now the dispensers found at gas stations have several nozzles consisting of different types of fuel. Can premium join diesel, Pertadex joins Pertamax, or so on. You are worried that because you are not focused, you don't see the gas station officer taking the wrong fuel nozzle.

The wrong fuel content is clearly riskier than mishearing the request for the amount of gasoline filling. If the gas station staff only fills up excess gas, the risk is that we will only pay for the excess. But if the wrong fuel is filled, the vehicle breaks down and we have to drain and clean the fuel system. If we become victims of the wrong fuel content, don't panic. If the damage or strike is still at the gas station, we can hold the gas station accountable for draining the fuel, if there is strong evidence of wrong content.

Cases of incorrectly filling diesel fuel into a gasoline engine or vice versa are usually experienced by owners of a Toyota Fortuner, Innova, or Mitsubishi Pajero Sport. The sound of the diesel engine is quite subtle and is often mistaken for a gasoline engine.

For a gasoline engine filled with a lot of diesel, it will definitely break down. Because diesel requires high compression to be explosive, while gasoline engines have relatively low compression. If only a little filled with diesel, then the result is only tickling.

Diesel or diesel engine fuel is a low-explosive type. Spark plugs in gasoline engines can not burn diesel and the like, especially if the character of the engine is low compression. Diesel cannot be burned by the fuel system of a gasoline engine.

The gasoline engine may still run, but its work will falter. This is because the flashpoint of gasoline and diesel is different so that the spark plug does not burn properly.

In addition, diesel fuel contains sulfur and other materials that are sticky, deposit, or can settle. The fuel line will also be dirty by diesel deposits. The thing is quite severe, the fuel injectors can be clogged with sulfur diesel material.

Diesel Engine Ticks Due to Filled with Gasoline

On the other hand, diesel engines are designed as high compression engines, so diesel or Dex is not a high explosive fuel type. The impact of the wrong content of gasoline on a diesel engine is the same as that which occurs in a gasoline engine.

The combustion system in a diesel engine uses an Internal Combustion Chamber (combustion) system that utilizes compression pressure. Meanwhile, the combustion of gasoline engines is very dependent on spark plugs.

That is why spark plugs are an important component in gasoline engines for the combustion process. Another case is with diesel engines that do not have spark plugs. Solar for diesel engines not only serves to assist the combustion process but also as a lubricant (lubricant).

Gasoline-type fuel is very flammable and solvent. No wonder the gasoline engine is cleaner because of the presence of a detergent defeat that always keeps the tank and fuel lines clean.

For diesel or other diesel fuel, it contains sulfur and deposit material so it is used not only for fuel but also as a lubricant.

If you immediately notice the wrong fuel content, you should immediately turn off the engine and drain the fuel in the tank. If necessary, the car or motorcycle is towed with a vehicle, others to the workshop to drain the tank.

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