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4 Things Related to Hospitality That Will Be Trending This Year

The new normal lifestyle is now increasingly spreading to various lines of life, including the hotel sector. This business must encourage itself to start adapting and take advantage of existing opportunities, such as technology to again increase revenue and sustainable profit performance. Regarding this adjustment, several things are expected to become hospitality trends in 2022, reported by Hospitality Net, Monday ( 10/1/2022).4 things related to hospitality that will be trending in 2022:

1. Workcation The trend of workcations or guest activities that combine vacations and business trips has become popular during the pandemic. Having another name, namely bleisure, this trend is fully expected to continue throughout 2022. Of course, it opens up great opportunities for the hotel business to continue to improve additional services so that hotel guests can stay longer.

2. Team collaboration The hotel team, especially in the areas of distribution, revenue, and marketing managers, must start collaborating to bring the hotel back up again. These three departments have become more responsible than before the pandemic, with pressure to increase RevPAR. RevPAR is a hospitality term that is the result of calculating the overall revenue from room sales divided by the number of rooms available in a hotel. This may also be due to the expansion of services offered by distribution channels, such as Google. Therefore, hotels are now taking the initiative to combine the three elements above.

3. Metasearch Metasearch is defined as an online information search tool using data from search engines to generate its results. In this case, Google is one of the metasearch. Experts predict that in 2022, Google's metasearch will make great strides to level its position with online travel agents (OTA). Google is significantly expanding the hotel industry offerings so hoteliers must have experienced people to manage metasearch if they are to be successful at delivering a return on investment. However, it is also estimated that not all parties who participate in using metasearch will be able to survive in the competition. In addition, it is also predicted that there will be more merger and acquisition efforts on this platform.

 4. Online Travel Agent (OTA) With the development of technology, hotel needs will also shift to mobile devices through travel applications or online travel agents (OTA). It was recorded that in the summer of 2021, cellular contributed to all revenue by 60 percent and mobile traffic entered recorded is 77 percent. This growth is known to be unprecedented and is expected to continue and can be leveraged by hotels and initiate technology investments. Not only that, the demand for OTA services to promote hotels in the main feeder market will also increase. Therefore, hotels are likely to pay more commissions than they did in 2019. But this is comparable to the capabilities offered by OTAs, for example being able to help hotels segment the audience they want to target. Another offer provided is the freedom of access to track competitors' rates and their performance as a comparison and reference for improvement, meanwhile, the 5 Most Beautiful Hotels in Bali that are Very Instagramable

There are so many hotels in the world, but which one is the most popular on Instagram because of its beauty?

As reported by detikcom, and quoted by FGM on Saturday (8/1/2022) the site released a list of the world's best hotels based on the most posts and hashtags on Instagram. And for the Asian category, there are several 5-star hotels in Bali that are included. list. Namely Conrad Nusa Dua, The Regis Bali, The Edge Bali, Mulia Bali, and One Eleven Seminyak.

This hotel in Bali has not beaten the 5-star hotel in the Maldives that appears most often on Instagram, namely Hotel Sovena Jani. Here are the 20 best 5-star hotels in Asia:

Order Number, Hotel Name, Location, Number of Instagram Hashtags

1. Soneva Jani Maldives 415,461

2. Niyama Maldives 69,595

3. Palace Hotel Tokyo Tokyo, Japan 59,738

4. Mandarin Oriental Tokyo Tokyo, Japan 34,168

5. Cocoon Maldives Maldives 31,552

6. Taj Lake Palace Udaipur, India 28,506

7. Fullerton Bay Hotel Singapore 26,649

8. Conrad Bali Nusa Dua, Bali 26,016

9. The Dhara Dhevi Chiang Mai, Thailand 25,481

10. Mandarin Oriental, Bangkok Bangkok, Thailand 24,806

11. Pangkor Laut Resort Pangkor Laut, Malaysia 23,353

12. The Edge Bali Uluwatu, Bali 22,700

13. The Mulia Bali Nusa Dua, Bali 22,418

14. W Hong Kong Hong Kong 21,493

15. St. Regis Bali Nusa Dua, Bali 20,551

16. Crimson Resort and Spa Mactan Mactan, The Philippines 20,523

17. W Singapore Singapore 18,667

18. The Peninsula Tokyo Tokyo, Japan 17,410

19. One Eleven Seminyak, Indonesia 16.221

20. The Upper House Hong Kong 16,088

Meanwhile, for the main category, the best hotel in the world based on Instagram posts according to is Burj Al Arab Jumeirah Dubai. The hashtags are over 2 million. When viewed by detikcom, #burjalarab has been posted as many as 2,453,617.

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