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 How to Clean Laptop Screen Properly

For those of you who often use laptops, chances are you want to have a clean device from all sides. Including the screen, which incidentally is the most important part of the laptop. A dusty or even moldy laptop screen will certainly be annoying. Especially if the dirt damages the device. Even though the cost of repairing a laptop itself is not cheap. For this reason, it is better to prevent the laptop screen from being damaged by keeping it clean. Keeping your laptop clean is easy enough, but you still have to do it right. Here KompasTekno summarizes how to clean a laptop properly. Cleaning the laptop screen with a microfiber cloth If the laptop screen starts to get dusty, the way to clean the laptop screen properly is to clean it using a microfiber cloth. Microfiber cloth is a cloth that has a very soft texture and can catch dust, dirt, and bacteria. The trick is to turn off the laptop first to be more secure. When the state is off, the dust will be more visible, especially if exposed to sunlight. To clean the laptop screen, wipe the screen gently and don't put too much pressure on it. Cleaning the laptop screen with a wet sponge Not only dust, sometimes your screen is exposed to some other stains. But don't worry, you can clean it using a wet sponge. But pay attention to how to clean the laptop properly below to keep it safe and clean. First, make sure the laptop is turned off. If possible, remove your laptop battery. Take a sponge and wet the sponge. After that, squeeze until the sponge is not dripping water anymore or the texture of the sponge is just moist. Then aim at the stain on the laptop screen and wipe it slowly. After cleaning, wait for it to dry completely before using or closing it again. Cleaning a laptop screen with a special cleaning solution for laptops How to properly clean a laptop for stains that contain oil or sticky materials, you can clean it with a special liquid laptop screen cleaner. But you need to pay attention to avoid cleaning fluids that contain acetone, ammonia, ethyl acid, ethyl alcohol, methyl alcohol, methyl chloride, toluene, window cleaners, and other corrosive substances. Several compositions of liquid ingredients are safe for cleaning laptop screens, namely a mixture of water distilled water and white vinegar 50 percent each, distilled water and isopropyl alcohol 50 percent each, or 100 percent distilled water and a drop of dish detergent. The way to clean it is to turn off the laptop first or remove the laptop battery altogether. Next, pour or spray the laptop screen cleaning fluid on the microfiber cloth, making sure it's not too wet and only damp. Then rub the laptop screen slowly and gently to avoid scratches. Make sure to press too hard. After rubbing it slowly, let the laptop sit for about half an hour until the screen dries, as summarized from Digital Trends, Sunday (9/2/2022). That's how to clean a laptop screen properly. Make sure to always be careful when cleaning it. Hope this helps. Cleaning a laptop keyboard is one of the most important things to keep the device durable. It is undeniable, some people rely on laptops to support daily activities, such as learning activities to work. Using a laptop almost every day, of course, makes some parts of the laptop dirty too. Not only the LCD screen that you need to clean, but the laptop keyboard is also just as important. Because, laptop keyboards store a variety of small, invisible dirt and dust. Try to pay attention to the keyboard that has small gaps, that's where dust and dirt nest. If not cleaned, the function of the laptop keyboard is likely to decline faster. However, how to clean a laptop by wiping it with an ordinary cloth is not enough to remove all the dust. So how do you clean a laptop keyboard easily? How to clean a laptop keyboard several ways can be done to clean a laptop keyboard with various tools. Here,  five easy ways to clean a laptop keyboard: Cleaning using a

 Mini vacuum cleaner 

The first way to clean a laptop keyboard is to use a mini vacuum cleaner. This tool can pull all the dirt and dust that is in between the laptop keyboard. Mini vacuum cleaners for laptop keyboards can be found easily in e-commerce. The price varies, but the average is around Rp. 50,000. Using a vacuum cleaner makes all the dirt completely removed and your keyboard is clean again. 

Using cotton buds

If you don't have a mini vacuum cleaner, you can use cotton buds. How to clean a laptop keyboard with cotton buds is to dip a little cotton bud in alcohol. Then clean the keyboard slowly, especially on the sidelines of your laptop keyboard.

 Microfiber cloth

 The microfiber cloth is highly absorbent. How to clean a laptop keyboard with a microfiber cloth is quite easy. Simply clean between the keyboard and the keys using a microfiber cloth. Microfiber wipes are known to be effective at lifting dust particles and oil spills. The trick is to just give a little disinfectant or alcohol liquid then wipe gently between your keyboard keys.

Using the eraser

Another easy way to clean a laptop keyboard is to use a pencil eraser. Rub the pencil eraser against the keyboard, especially between and between keyboards. Using an eraser makes dirt stick to the eraser and makes the keyboard cleaner.

Removing the Laptop Keyboard 

Keys The last way to clean the laptop keyboard is to disassemble it. This step can be done if you want the laptop keyboard to be completely clean. Especially for those of you who have the habit of eating while using a laptop. Food residue will potentially fall between and inside the keyboard keys. However, it should be noted that sometimes the keyboard keys cannot be released or replaced depending on your laptop. Those are some easy ways to clean a laptop keyboard. 

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