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The Covid Task Force Tightens All Bali Entrances After the Omicron Case

The Bali Province Covid-19 Task Force has tightened all entrances to Bali after the discovery of the Omicron case that infected tourists from Surabaya.

Secretary of the Bali Province Covid-19 Handling Task Force, I Made Rentin, said that currently, his party had dispatched a joint team to places the patient had visited and traced people who had close contact with the patient.

"Today, a joint team from the Provincial Health Office (Health Office), Badung Health Office, Polda Dokkes (and) Kesdam has been deployed to carry out tracing and direct testing," said Quentin, when confirmed Monday (03/01). The health of the Province of Bali, later all tracing results will undergo a PCR test. In addition, the Task Force will also implement quarantine for anyone who has close contact with the patient.

"Info from the Head of Health, all tracing results were carried out by PCR tests today, then quarantined. In the context of security or anticipatory measures, quarantine is carried out considering there is an incubation period, to ensure that in the next few days the person concerned is healthy," he said. In the context of security or anticipatory steps so that the virus variant B.1.1.529 or omicron does not enter Bali, all entrances in Bali, both sea, air, and land will be tightened

"The Task Force (Covid-19 Bali) is consistently strict at all entrances to Bali. It is also strict in public areas including hotels and tourist attractions," he said. Meanwhile, it was confirmed separately that the Head of the Bali Provincial Health Office, Ketut Suarjaya, has not confirmed the number of people who have been tracing related cases. that and

all are working to ensure nothing is missed from the tracing process to the testing.

"It's still in the tracing process," said Surabaya.

The patient is known to have vacationed in Bali and it is known that from Surabaya, he came to Bali by land and visited several tourist attractions on the Island of the Gods from December 20 to 25, 2021. The tourist spent the night in the Nusa Dua area, Badung Regency, Bali.

"(Patients) are people from Surabaya, domestic tourists from Surabaya, he (uses the land route) uses a private car from Surabaya. He stays in the Sawangan area, Nusa Dua," he said.

Don't Panic

Residents in Bali are asked not to panic with information about tourists from Surabaya, East Java, who have been detected as a new variant of the Covid-19 omicron.

Deputy Governor of Bali Tjok Oka Artha Ardhana Sukawati or Cok Ace asked residents to remain disciplined in health protocols.

"The important thing is not to panic, because panic will only lower our immunity," said Cok Ace, when confirmed Monday (03/01).

He also mentioned that since the beginning the Bali Provincial Government and other elements had urged the public to remain disciplined in health protocols. Especially during Christmas and New Year's Day (Nataru) because the omicron variant has appeared in several areas.

"Since the beginning, we have appealed to the people of Bali, especially during the Nataru holiday, to always obey the prokes provisions. Moreover, with the emergence of Omicron variants in several regions," he added.

He again asked the Balinese people to stay alert to the Covid-19 virus and always be disciplined with health protocols.

"Stay alert, and follow the procedures with discipline, and don't forget to always pray that this epidemic will end soon," said Cok Ace.

The Omicron variant of Covid-19 has reportedly been detected in East Java. The first patient who was detected as infected was said to be a Surabaya resident who had been on vacation from Bali. This was revealed by the Head of the Institute of Tropical Disease (ITD) Universitas Airlangga (Unair) Surabaya, Maria Inge Lusida. Chronology of Findings of Two Surabaya Residents Positively Exposed to Omicron, Surabaya Mayor Eri Cahyadi confirmed that two of his residents had been exposed to the SARS-CoV-2 B variant. 1.1.529 or the Omicron variant based on the results of the examination by the Institute Tropical Disease (ITD) Universitas Airlangga (Unair) team. He said the two residents were still related.

Eri continued, initially a resident was declared infected with Omicron after a vacation from Bali with his extended family. After tracing or tracing close contacts, one of the families was also exposed to Omicron, so temporarily there are two cases of Omicron in the City of Heroes. "There is one more, God willing, two. We have [confirmed] the information. One, after that the family will be in the same house," said Eri at the mayor's official residence, Sunday (2/1) afternoon. Eri said that now the two patients are undergoing treatment at a hospital in Surabaya. Even so, both are said to be asymptomatic or asymptomatic people (OTG).

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