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 The government requires airplane passengers to fly from or to airports on the islands of Java and Bali

The government requires airplane passengers to fly from or to airports on the islands of Java and Bali

show a vaccine card at least the first dose and a certificate of negative results for the RT-PCR test.

This is stated in Circular (SE) Number 88 of 2021 concerning Guidelines for the Implementation of Domestic Travel by Air Transportation during the Corona Virus Disease 2019 (Covid-19) Pandemic.

This mandatory rule showing a certificate of negative RT-PCR test results also applies to flights between cities on the islands of Java and Bali and areas that apply PPKM levels 4 and 3. This means that areas outside Java and Bali are included in the PPKM level 4 category. and 3 are also required to show the RT-PCR test. Meanwhile, all areas in Java and Bali that fall into the PPKM level 4-1 category are required to show the RT-PCR test.

"The sample is taken within a maximum period of 2x24 hours before departure," the regulation reads, quoted Friday (22/10).

Different rules are applied for flights from or to airports outside Java and Bali with PPKM level 1 and 2 categories. Passengers have the option to show a negative rapid antigen test result.

"The sample is taken within a maximum period of 1x24 hours before departure," the government wrote in the regulation.

Then, passengers who want to show the RT-PCR test can also take samples a maximum of 2x24 hours before departure. Meanwhile, passengers on flights outside Java and Bali in the PPKM level 1 and 2 areas are not required to show a vaccine card.

Furthermore, the government also regulates travel conditions for people under the age of 12. They must be accompanied by their parents or family as evidenced by a family card.

"And fulfill the requirements for the Covid-19 test," explained the regulation.

Then, airlines are allowed to carry passengers with a maximum capacity of 70 percent of the number of busy time passengers (PWS) during normal times.

Previously, the Spokesperson for the Ministry of Transportation, Adita Irawati, said that airlines can carry passengers with 100 percent capacity. This applies to areas with PPKM level 1 and 2 categories.

"Air transportation for regional capacity categories level 3 and 4 apply a maximum passenger number of 70 percent," Adita said in an online event on BNPB's YouTube, Thursday (21/10).

Restrictions Lifted, Australian Tourists Can Go to Bali on November 1st

The Australian Consulate-General in Bali has stated that restrictions and bans on international travel out of Australia will be lifted on November 1, 2021. This means Australian tourists will be able to travel abroad including to Bali.

This is encouraging news for Balinese people, especially tourism actors who have often depended on foreign tourist visits, one of which is the largest for Australian tourists.

This news was revealed from a letter from the Australian Consul General in Bali, Anthea Griffin which was circulated today, dated October 21, 2021. The letter was addressed to the Head of the Bali Tourism Office, Putu Astawa.

"I am pleased to report that our Ambassador Mrs. Penny Williams (Australian Ambassador to Indonesia-ed) has written to the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy Sandiaga Uno, informing him that progress has been made in setting Australia's schedule for the resumption of tourism to Indonesia, including Bali," the letter was quoted as saying.

Further stated, starting November 1, the New South Wales government also announced that fully vaccinated Australians would be able to fly to Sydney from overseas without needing to be quarantined.

Other Australian states and territories are still working on their reopening plans but are expected to reduce or eliminate quarantines in the coming months once they reach high vaccination rates.

This easing of Australia's border restrictions will initially only apply to Australian citizens, permanent residents, and their families

But the country's government is said to be working on reopening borders to all foreign nationals, including Indonesians, as soon as possible.

"With these relaxed restrictions, we look forward to seeing the first Australian tourists return to Bali soon and deepening the longstanding Australia-Bali bilateral relationship. This is an important part of our bilateral relationship and our focus on the Consulate-General," he said.

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