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DTW in Buleleng has installed the CareProtect Barcode

To support the reopening of tourism in Buleleng, the Buleleng Covid Task Force is again conducting active monitoring and evaluation (Monev) related to the application of the PeduliLindungi application. After previously targeting supermarkets and restaurants, this time the team targeted several Tourist Destinations (DTW) in Kab. Buleleng, Friday, (10/22).

Representing the Head of the Kominfosanti Headquarters, the Head of Governance and Human Resources of SPBE, Ngakan Gde Dwi Dharma Yudha, SE, M.A.P said, today with our team monitoring and evaluation to several DTW, including Air Sanih Swimming Pool, Aling-aling Waterfall and Jembong Waterfall.

"In general, the visited DTWs have implemented the use of the PeduliLindung application. Print the PeduliLindungi QR Code which has been placed at the entrance and the reception officer has also directed check-in through the CareLindung application," said Ngakan Head.

In addition, his party and the team also always urge disciplined managers to apply health procedures, including to visitors who are considered incorrect in terms of using masks.

"Wherever we conduct Monev, we and the team always provide education related to health care discipline and other supporting facilities, such as a place to wash hands and body temperature measuring devices," he said.

Regarding the next Monev activity, the Task Force Team consisting of elements of the Buleleng Kominfosanti, Sat Pol PP, BPBD and the Buleleng Tourism Office will target other tourist destinations (DTW), namely Krisna Water Sport, Krisna Funtastic Land, Banjar Hot Springs and Pemuteran Marine Park. .

Monev at Supermarkets, Covid-19 Task Force Emphasizes Provision of Laptop/Computer Facilities

The Buleleng Regency Covid-19 Handling Task Force has again carried out active monitoring and evaluation (Monev) related to the implementation of the PeduliLindung application. This time, the team targeted shops/supermarkets in Seririt and Buleleng sub-districts, Thursday (21/10).

One of the objectives of the Monev is that the Artha Sedana supermarket is considered to have implemented health protocols well and has also installed a PeduliLindung barcode at the entrance. Representing the Head of Kominfosanti Buleleng, I Putu Agus Suryawan as the Head of Human Resources Development admitted th at of the shops being (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Branches. From today's monitoring and evaluation results, all supermarkets and restaurants have installed PeduliLindungi barcodes, but they have not provided laptops and operators to help visitors who are still confused about using the application.

"We have coordinated with supermarkets and restaurants to immediately prepare operators and laptop devices to help visitors. So that we can know early prevention to suppress the spread of Covid-19," said Suwarmawan.

Meanwhile, regarding the development of the handling of Covid-19, Suwarmawan said, today as many as 3 people were declared cured, while there were no new confirmed cases and no deaths.

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