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 Bagnaia Attacks Marquez for Holeshot Protest

Repsol Honda rider Marc Marquez has openly revealed that he's not too into holeshots on MotoGP bikes now.

Marquez's excuse is very clear, this technology makes the MotoGP show even less interesting because the racers are increasingly having trouble overtaking each other.

Due to the lack of skipping actions, the race could become more mundane, which should be more exciting but is actually boring.

This system was actually first developed by Ducati, and the Italian manufacturer also had time to respond to Marquez's criticism,

Ducati thought that their rivals did like to protest, but in the end, they joined in as well.

Prior to Ducati's comments, one of their drivers, Francesco Bagnaia (Ducati Lenovo) also had time to respond to Marquez's complaint.

Speaking before the race at Le Mans, according to Motosan, Bagnaia suspected the holeshot on Marquez's bike was not working well, so the Spaniard then judged that the technology was not good.

"Maybe he feels that way because it's not working well for him.

In my opinion, on the contrary, it makes the bike safer because when you activate it it is not only faster but also more stable and with

less tendency to do horses.

When you use it, you are safer," Bagnaia said.

Holeshot itself is very useful when starting and in corners, activated manually by the racer with the lever in front of the dashboard of their motorbike.

Marquez: He Can't Protest,

received scathing criticism from Joan Mir after his actions in free practice and qualifying at the Misano Circuit, Italy, Saturday (18/9/2021).

Criticism was thrown by Joan Mir because he was annoyed that Marc Marquez continued to follow him in the third and fourth free practice.

Drivers usually follow rivals to steal the wind or learn the racing line, the goal being the same, namely to achieve faster times. Marquez often trails opponents, especially after a serious injury that kept him out for nine months.

Mir is not the only racer being followed by Marquez.

In the first qualifying, Marquez drove right behind Honda's test rider, Stefan Bradl, who got a wild card.

Marquez managed to qualify for qualification 2 with Enea Bastianini (Esponsorama Avintia).

Ducati Responds to Marquez's Protest About Holeshot, Cheats Later

 A few days ago, Repsol Honda racer Marc Marquez had an objection to the presence of start technology on MotoGP motorbikes.

It is a holeshot that is increasingly sophisticated after it also works well to bulldoze corners.

But Marquez objected to this technology, even saying it didn't make the race more exciting.

Ducati as the originator of the idea and the initial developer of the holeshot spoke up after receiving these comments from Marquez. We saw Marquez's comments when we arrived at Le Mans, but at the moment this issue is not on the MSMA table.

This is not a current issue for the manufacturer and no one is talking about this issue," said Paolo Ciabatti, who is Ducati's sporting director, speaking to Diario AS, as reported by Motosan.

Ciabatti emphasized that there had been many technological ideas from Ducati which initially received ridicule from rivals, but eventually followed suit, such as the case of winglets, rear deflectors and now the holeshot has also been copied.

"We were disappointed by the fact that Ducati spread the wings and then some riders started complaining, saying it was turbulent and so on, but after a few years everyone was wearing it.

It also happened with the rear deflector and now it happens with this story.. What happens is that Ducati has innovative ideas in MotoGP, in what can be done with the regulations, and it's only fair if we can use something harmless.

Marquez's opinion is an opinion, but if you talk to our riders they tell you they found it very well.

The other manufacturers, if they think this is a good solution, they have to develop it as we have done, "explained the Italian added.

Carmelo Ezpeleta as the organizer of the race responded to this issue, and its use was allowed because it did not violate the rules.

Boxer Amir Khan Expelled from Plane for Defying the Rules

World welterweight boxing champion Amir Khan was ejected from the plane for disobeying staff requests and for wearing masks.

The shocking incident happened to WBC welterweight champion Amir Khan on his way to training camp in Colorado. Khan and his partner, who planned to fly from New York, were kicked out of American Airlines.

Quoted from Sky Sports, someone on the plane complained about the wearing of masks Khan and his friends were considered not tall enough. "Today I was removed from the plane by the police while going to the training camp in Colorado Springs," Khan wrote in a tweet on Twitter quoted from Sky. Sports.

"Of course there were complaints made by American Airlines staff, they said my friend's mask wasn't high enough and didn't go up, they had to stop the plane and take me and my friend down when I didn't do anything wrong," Khan added.

Khan, who won the IBF light-welterweight belt, felt the airline staff's complaints were unfounded.

"They kicked us both, I sat on 1A, he sat on 1B, I felt so disgusting and disrespectful. I was supposed to go to Colorado Springs for a training camp, and now I'm back in New York to be at my best another day," said Khan.

"I'm sure there must be a camera on the plane that they can see, or someone should look, see if my partner is really bad or caused such a scene that he has to be ejected from the plane. I have never seen anything like this before," said the 34-year-old boxer. it continues.

American Airlines has denied Khan's claim that he and his friend removed him for no reason. Khan and his colleagues are still considered not to comply with a number of requests from the flight crew. In addition, the airline also denied accusations of banning Khan and his friends from flying with them again.

"Prior to takeoff, American Airlines flight 700, with a service from Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR) to Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW), returned to the gates to unload two passengers who reportedly repeatedly refused to comply with requests by crew members to store luggage. , put the phone in airplane mode and comply with facial requirements," an American Airlines spokesperson said.

"Our customer relations team contacted Mr. Khan to learn more about his experience and reinforce the importance of the policies implemented for the safety of our customers and crew," the spokesperson added.

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