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BLBI Obligors Receive Rp 58 T, Pay 17%,

Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal, and Security Affairs (MenkoPolhukam) Mahfud Md responded to questions that developed in the government's efforts to collect BLBI debt. Some say, to be done humanely.

"I want to respond to people who say this must be applied humanely, this is the situation that must be understood at the time, during a crisis. They borrowed during a crisis," Mahfud said at a press conference, Tuesday (21/9/201).

Mahfud also said that the government provides assistance in times of crisis. They were given a very cheap loan. Then given it to them, they paid it much cheaper because it was adjusted to the situation at that time," said Mahfud. What was given by the government has also taken into account the conditions at that time? Now it's time to still want to go wrong, right, it is in accordance with the situation at that time," he said.

He said the government's policy had been decided legally by the Supreme Court. Likewise with politics.

"Politically, the DPR has already gone through an interpellation, the interpellation at that time decided what the government was doing, it's just a matter of speeding up the collection now. The 2009 interpellation decision was in September," said Mahfud.

Azis Syamsuddin Named a Suspect by the KPK

Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, Azis Syamsuddin, is already a suspect in the KPK. Azis Syamsuddin was also summoned by the KPK to appear before the investigators on Friday.

Information obtained from internal sources at the KPK stated that Azis Syamsuddin was a suspect. Currently, the Chairman of the KPK Firli Bahuri confirmed this information. Previously, Firli said that the investigators were waiting for the arrival of Azis Syamsuddin on Friday, September 24, 2021. He hoped that Azis Syamsuddin would not be absent.

"Yes, of course, the investigators delivered the summons because of the interests of the investigation so that the case was clear," said Firli.

"We hope that everyone who is summoned will fulfill the summons as a form of respect for the upholding and orderliness of law and justice. We must not delay justice because delaying justice is also injustice," he added. Stepanus Robin Pattuju. One of them mentioned that Azis Syamsuddin asked Robin to take care of the case involving him and Aliza Gunado regarding the KPK investigation in Central Lampung.

The KPK prosecutor stated in the indictment that Azis Syamsuddin and Aliza Gunado gave IDR 3,099,887,000 and USD 36,000 to AKP Robin and a colleague as lawyers on behalf of Maskur Husain. Maskur is also being tried in the case. The KPK prosecutor revealed the role of Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives Azis Syamsuddin in the bribery case of former KPK investigator Stepanus Robin Pattuju alias AKP Robin. Prosecutors said Azis played a role in 3 cases related to this bribery. Anything?

This was revealed by the prosecutor when reading the indictment at the Jakarta Corruption Court, Jalan Bungur Besar Raya, Central Jakarta, Monday (13/9/2021). Prosecutors said Azis had a role in three cases, namely the bribery case of buying and selling positions at the Tanjungbalai City Government which dragged Walkot Tanjungbalai M Syahrial, the bribery case in Central Lampung which dragged him and Aliza Gunado, and the case of former Kutai Kartangera (Kukar) Regent Rita Widyasari.

The following are the details of Azis Syamsuddin's role in the AKP Robin bribery case:

- Case of Walkot Tanjungbalai, M Syahrial

The KPK prosecutor said AKP Robin was introduced by M Syahrial by the Deputy Chairman of the Indonesian House of Representatives, Azis Syamsuddin. The meeting between Syahrial and Robin took place at Azis' official residence on Jalan Denpasar Raya, Kuningan, South Jakarta.

During the meeting, Syahrial explained that he was stumbling over a case at the KPK. Syahrial asked Robin to make the case of buying and selling positions within the Tanjungbalai City Government which is being investigated by the KPK not to be raised to the level of investigation.

Robin also agreed to Syahrial's request. However, Robin asked for a reward of Rp 1.7 billion and Syahrial agreed.

"That the Defendant then discussed the cases involving M Syahrial with Maskur Husain, and finally they agreed to help M Syahrial in exchange for some money. Finally, it was agreed between them that the amount of compensation was Rp. 1,700,000,000 which was given in stages," said the prosecutor.

However, in the end, the total bribes Syahrial gave to Robin gradually amounted to Rp. 1.695 billion. The money was then divided by Maskur Husain. AKP Robin received Rp. 490 million, while Maskur received Rp. 1.205 billion.

In addition, Robin received privileges from Syahrial, namely, Robin had borrowed an official car belonging to the Tanjungbalai City Government for the 2017 Toyota Kijang Innova brand with the number plate BK-1216-Q. The car loan was carried out from December 22, 2020, to April 13, 2021. Furthermore, the prosecutor also said that Robin provided information on the arrival of KPK investigators in Tanjungbalai to Syahrial. This is contrary to Robin's work as a KPK investigator.

Robin is also said by the prosecutor to provide information related to the case of buying and selling positions in Tanjungbalai to Azis Syamsuddin and Syahrial. Robin informed that this case had gone up to the level of investigation to Azis and Syahrial.

- Central Lampung case

In this case, the prosecutor said that Azis Syamsuddin contacted AKP Robin around August 2020. Azis asked Robin for help in handling a case involving Azis and Aliza Gunado related to the KPK investigation in Central Lampung.

Robin agreed and cooperated with Maskur Husain, provided that each person, Azis Syamsuddin and Aliza Gunado, were given a cash payment of Rp. 300 million. Aziz agreed.

After the down payment is received, Robin divides the money with Maskur, Robin gets Rp. 100 million and Maskur gets 200 million. The money was transferred directly from Azis' account on August 3, 2020.

Then on August 5, 2020, Robin received another money from Azis at Azis Syamsuddin's official residence on Jalan Denpasar Raya, Kuningan, South Jakarta, worth USD 100 thousand. The money was received directly by Robin.

"The defendant showed the money to Agus Susanto when he returned to the car and conveyed that Azis Syamsuddin had asked the defendant for help, which Agus Susanto later understood was related to the case of Azis Syamsuddin at the KPK," said the prosecutor.

The prosecutor said the money was then divided, namely USD 36 thousand to Maskur Husain at the Central Jakarta District Court and exchanged the remaining USD 64 thousand at a money changer using Agus Susanto's identity, thus obtaining Rp 936 million in rupiah. Then Robin gave some of the money from the exchange to Maskur Husain, which was Rp. 300 million.

The next award is still in August 2020 until March 2021, Robin is called by the prosecutor several times receiving money from Azis Syamsuddin and Aliza Gunado with a total of USD 171,900. The money was then exchanged into rupiah with a value of Rp 1,863,887,000, and part of the money was given to Maskur Husain, which was worth Rp 1.8 billion.

"That in order to take care of the case involving Azis Syamsuddin and Aliza Gunado at the KPK, the defendant and Maskur Husain received a total of Rp. 3,099,887,000 and USD 36,000," said the prosecutor.

"The money was then distributed by the Defendant and Maskur Husain, where the Defendant received Rp. 799,887,000, while Maskur Husain received Rp. 2,300,000,000 and USD36,000," added the prosecutor.

In this case, the KPK prosecutor said that Azis introduced AKP Robin to the former Regent of Kutai Kartangera (Kukar), Rita Widyasari. Azis is also said to have communicated with Rita Widyasari.

Initially, the prosecutor said that Robin and Maskur Husain went to the Class IIA Tangerang prison to meet Rita Widyasari after being introduced by Azis. At the meeting, Robin said that he was a KPK investigator by showing the identity card of a KPK investigator and introducing Maskur Husain as a lawyer.

The prosecutor said that at that time, Robin and Maskur assured Rita that they could take care of the return of the assets confiscated by the KPK related to money laundering and judicial review (PK) proposed by Rita Widyasari. However, both of them asked for a compensation of Rp. 10 billion.

"With a reward of Rp 10 billion and if the asset returns are successful, Maskur asks for a 50% share of the total value of the assets. Maskur said that the lawyer fee of Rp 10 billion is cheaper than what he usually asks for, which is because there are defendants who act as defendants. KPK investigators were able to pressure the PK judges, and finally Rita Widyasari agreed to give power to Maskur Husain," said the prosecutor.

After meeting with Maskur and Robin, Rita then contacted Azis Syamsuddin to inform him of his communication with Robin and Maskur.

Until finally Robin got money from Rita worth Rp 5,197,800,000 (billion) in stages. Some of the money was handed over through Maskur Husain's account, some was given to Robin at Azis Syamsuddin's official residence.

"In addition, the Defendant also received a sum of SGD 200 thousand or Rp. 2,137,300,000 to take care of the Rita Widyasari case which was taken by the Defendant and Agus Susanto from Azis Syamsuddin's official residence on Jalan Denpasar Raya 3/3, South Jakarta," said the prosecutor.

The total bribe from Rita was Rp 5,197,800,000. Prosecutors said that Robin only received Rp. 697,800,000, while Maskur Husain received an amount of Rp. 4.5 billion.

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