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Buleleng Regency Government Will Receive Thousands of PJU-TS Points

The Buleleng Regency Government will receive assistance for 1,000 solar street lighting points (PJU-TS) by the International Congress Agency of the World Cultural and Heritage Forum in the Bright Indonesia Program. This was revealed by the Head of the Transportation Service, Gede Sandhiyasa, S.Sos, M.Si when met in his office, Wednesday (8/9).

It was further conveyed by the Head of the Sandhiyasa District Office, that Buleleng in October 2021 will receive PJU-TS assistance which is fully carried out by PT. Elbama Mukti Utama is the vendor of the International Congress of the World Heritage and Culture Forum. “Yesterday from PT. Elbama accompanied by DPRD member Haji Mulyadi Putra and LPP Regional Coordinator Nyoman Gede Oka held an audience here in order to provide PJU-TS assistance, where Buleleng and 4 other districts in Bali received similar assistance," he said.

In the “Indonesia Bright Program”, the Head of the Sandhiyasa District Office said that villages with low electrical levels or low PJU levels were the targets of this assistance. for that, the Department of Transportation as the leading street lighting sector provides technically the coordinates or points to be installed PJU-TS. “However, PT Elbama emphasized that the target is village roads that have access to places of worship and tourist attractions. So we from the Transportation Agency will coordinate again because the roads are mostly covered with lush trees, if there are thick solar panels for supplying voltage, of course, it will not be optimal, "explained the former Head of Social Affairs.

When asked about financing, he explained that the Buleleng Regency Government was not burdened with any fees or burdened the village. This will be fully funded by the relevant Congressional Body. Because the maintenance from the vendor is only up to 3 years, the Buleleng Regency Government through the Department of Transportation proposes that maintenance be extended for 5 years, then it will be granted. "The cost of maintaining the PJU-TS is quite heavy, we cannot burden the region or the village. So we propose a minimum of 5 years from the vendor, even up to 10 years, so that there is careful planning regarding future maintenance, "he asked.

At the end of the meeting, Kadis Sandhiyasa hoped that later this assistance would actually be implemented and could illuminate the Buleleng area so that Buleleng would be safe and comfortable at night. "We hope that in October this assistance will be realized without burdening the Buleleng Regency Regional Budget, without charging the public," he concluded.

The Buleleng Covid-19 Task Force Again Targets People with Disabilities for Vaccination

The achievement of vaccination for people with disabilities in Buleleng Regency to date is 33.76%. For this reason, the Task Force continues to boost the vaccination program for people with disabilities. Starting today until Friday this week, the Health Office of Buleleng Regency is again carrying out vaccinations by targeting people with disabilities and the general public who have not been vaccinated with the Sinopharm type of vaccine. This vaccination event was held at the District Health Office. Buleleng. This was conveyed by the Coordinator for the Data and Information Division of the Covid-19 Task Force Kab. Buleleng, Ketut Suwarmawan through his daily covid release, Wednesday (8/9).

Suwarmawan, who is also the Head of the Kominfosanti Office, added that to date the number of people with disabilities who have been vaccinated has reached 1,696 people out of a target number of 5,024 people. "The remaining 3,328 people will continue to be vaccinated so that the second dose of vaccination can be carried out immediately," he said.

Furthermore, the former Head of the Prokom Division emphasized that all Buleleng people, especially people with disabilities, should immediately vaccinate. "This vaccination process must be accelerated immediately. We inform people who have not been vaccinated at all or are categorized as scattered so that they can immediately get vaccinated at the Health Office or to the nearest Puskesmas," he said.

Regarding the development of Buleleng's daily Covid-19 cases, the Head of the Suwarmawan District Office explained that there were 25 new confirmed cases and 17 recovered. Then 2 patients died and 220 people were being treated.

Cumulatively, Kadis Suwarmawan explained that there were 10,172 confirmed cases, with details of recovering 9,449 people, dying 503 people, and active patients being treated as many as 220 people.

Buleleng Hospital Prepares Covid-19 Special Clinic

Buleleng Hospital management made a breakthrough. The hospital on Jalan Ngurah Rai, Singaraja, is now starting to prepare a special polyclinic for COVID-19 patients.

This polyclinic will serve patients who are confirmed positive for COVID-19. Clinics are also prepared to serve patients who experience long Covid symptoms.

Director of Buleleng Hospital, dr. Putu Arya Nugraha, Sp.PD. revealed, the covid-19 clinic is actually a standard service that must be prepared during the pandemic. So far, the hospital has only focused on services for COVID-19 patients undergoing inpatient care. Especially those who experience severe and critical symptoms. Apart from these conditions, it turns out that there are also patients who experience prolonged symptoms of COVID-19. Such as dry cough, loss of sense of smell and taste, shortness of breath, weakness, lack of appetite, and pain. The symptoms are still felt even though the patients have ended the quarantine period.

“Those who experience symptoms of long covid are confused about where to go for control. If you want to find a reference, the process is also a bit long. If there is a covid polyclinic, they will get more comprehensive services. We can get treatment there," said Arya when met by Jawa Pos Radar Bali on Tuesday (31/8).

In addition, the covid polyclinic will also prevent the potential for transmission in the hospital environment. According to Arya, so far the medical team often has difficulty distributing patients. Patients who are symptomatic and identical to COVID-19 cannot be directed to a general polyclinic.

"If they are directed to a general polyclinic, they will join other non-covid patients. That's why we provide special services. Later we will use the room of the former Blood Transfusion Unit. Next week the polyclinic will be ready,” he said.

On the other hand, the hospital has also separated the distribution channel for Covid-19 patients. The hospital is now setting up a separate service room for COVID-19 patients. Be it in the Emergency Room, dialysis room, maternity care room, or baby care room.

So far, Arya explained, patients with the status of mothers giving birth, babies, and dialysis patients are being treated in the same ward. This makes treatment difficult because each patient requires different treatment.

"Now we have distributed it. In the Melati Room, there is a special room for mothers giving birth and babies, in the dialysis room there is also an isolation room, in the ER we have also made special partitions. So later the treatment process can be maximized, “said Arya.

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