Information on Road Blocking in Bali Province

 Labuan Lalang Blocking Post and Pancasari Village Blocking Post Thursday, July 8, 2021, the activities of the Buleleng Transportation Agency personnel on duty at 2 guard posts including the Emergency PPKM Blocking Integrated Post in Labuhan Lalang, Sumber Kelampok Village, Kec. Gerokgak and the PPKM Blocking Post in Pancasari Village, Sukasada District, July 8, 2021.

Strict examinations were carried out 24 hours by a team consisting of members of the TNI, Polri, BPBD, Dishub, and Pol PP Kab. Buleleng.

The isolation was carried out in anticipation of the increasing spread of Covid-19 in Buleleng Regency following the Instruction of the Minister of Home Affairs Number 15 of 2021 and the Circular Letter of the Governor of Bali Number 9 of 2021 concerning the Implementation of the Covid-19 Emergency Community Activity Restrictions (PPKM) which was enforced from the 3rd to the 20th. July 2021. Meanwhile, information from the Head of the Ops Korlantas Polri, Kombes Rudy Antariksawan stated

Korlantas Polri added emergency PPKM blocking points in Java and Bali. From the original 407 points, it has now become 651 points.

"There are continuous additions because there are agglomeration areas. Almost 60 percent of them work in Jakarta. In Jakarta 63 points, Banten 39, the number is 651, this continues to be dynamic, at the first time there were 407 operations, but every day, ranks and regions evaluate," said the Head of the Ops Korlantas Polri, Kombes Rudy Antariksawan in a webinar discussion, Rudy said that currently, the mobility of citizens has decreased. Moreover, non-essential offices that force office employees have begun to be dealt with.

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"People also know that I work in non-essential, non-critical, errant companies have also been taken, so he doesn't force his employees to come in, except for essential and critical ones," he said.

He said the accumulation of vehicles no longer occurs at several blocking points. He said the queue of vehicles had decreased.

"The queues at the partition that used to be up to 5-10 kilometers long don't exist now. Now the queues are at least 500 meters," he explained.

He said, to suppress the rate of transmission of Corona must start from upstream. And, at this time the mobility of citizens began to decrease.

"It's not prevented from the upstream, it's the same thing. Therefore, starting yesterday and it's been obvious that mobility has decreased," said Rudy. Police in Bali conducted isolation at 30 points during the implementation of the emergency community activity restrictions (PPKM). The isolation locations are spread across nine regencies and cities on the Island of the Gods. There are 30 isolation locations," said Head of Public Relations (Head of Public Relations) of the Bali Police, Kombes Syamsi in his short message. Badung, 7 points in the Buleleng Polres area and 1 point in the Tabanan Police area. Then there are 6 points in the Gianyar Police area, every 4 points in the Bangli and Klungkung Police areas, 3 points in the Karangasem Police area, and 1 point in the Jembrana Police area.

"(The location was chosen on the basis of) the consideration of the Satwil as a meeting point between regencies/cities," said Kombes Syamsi.

During the isolation, the police carried out several activities, such as inspection of motorized vehicles, judicial operations, imbuing and distributing masks. Especially for the insulation in the Bangli Police area, stickers are also installed. The following is a complete list of locations for blocking in Bali;

Denpasar Police Area

1. Jalan Mount Galunggung Uma Anyar, North Denpasar

2. Ngurah Rai Airport Post

3. Benoa Harbor Post

Badung Police Area

4. Mengwi Terminal

Buleleng Police Area

5. Pancasari Village, Sukasada District

6. Sambirenteng Village, Tejakula District

7. Tajun Village, KubuAddan Subdistrict

8. PPI Sangsit Sawan District

9. Busungbiu Village

10. Port of Celukan Bawang

11. Sumberklampok Village

Tabanan Police Area

12. Soekarno Engineer Street

Gianyar Police District

style="font-family: arial; font-size: medium;">13. Moonstone bulkhead post Pos

14. Masceti bulkhead post

15. Ubud Kangetan Bulkhead Post

16. Payangan Market Block Post

17. Tegalalang Blockhead Post at Ceking Tegallalang

18. Sskat Pejeng Tampaksiring Post

Bangli Regional Police

19. Kintamani Chess Section Post

20. Bunutin Bangli Post

21. Friendship Shrink Posts

22. Bangbang Tembuku Bulkhead Post

Klungkung Police Area

23. Goa Lawah Bulkhead Post

24. Lepang Bulkhead Post, Banjarangkan District

25. Kusamba Pier Post

26. Toya Pier post is packed

Karangasem Police Area

27..Bai field port

28. In front of the Padang Bai Police Station

29. Yeh Malet Highway

Jembrana Police Area

30. Gilimanuk Harbor

Bali Tightens 6 Entrances During Emergency PPKM

Bali has tightened six entrances during the implementation of emergency community activity restrictions (PPKM) from 3 to 20 July 2021. The six entrances consist of four ports and two terminals.

"There are restrictions at the entrances to Bali. There are four tightening posts to enter Bali. The two (again) are carried out at the checkpoint terminals," said Head of Traffic Division of the Bali Provincial Transportation Service, I Nyoman Sunarya in a short message to, Monday (5/7/2021).

Sunarya explained that the four locations for tightening were carried out at Padangbai Port, Gilimanuk Port, Celukan Bawang Port, and I Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport. Meanwhile, there are two checkpoint terminals, namely Gilimanuk Terminal and Mengwi Terminal.

The tightening of the six entrances is carried out in accordance with the Circular Letter of the Minister of Transportation (SE Menhub) Number 43 of 2021 concerning instructions for carrying out domestic travel by land transportation during the COVID-19 pandemic and SE Menhub Number 45 of 2021 concerning instructions for carrying out domestic travel by air transportation during the COVID-19 pandemic.

"According to the SE, that in the Java-Bali emergency PPKM, there are restrictions for travelers (to) ensure that those traveling are equipped with a certificate, have carried out at least 1 (dose) vaccine and a PCR or rapid antigen certificate," explained Sunarya.

The implementation of the tightening was carried out by a joint team from elements of the TNI, Polri, Port Health Office (KKP), PT ASDP Indonesia Ferry (Persero), the Civil Service Police Unit (Satpol PP), and the Service Unit Coordinator (Korsatpel). Travelers who do not comply with the provisions and force them to continue will be turned back.

"The purpose of SE is to restrict mobility. If there is something that is not in accordance with the provisions, it is requested to postpone the mobility and complete the requirements. If it is forced and incomplete, it can be reversed to complete it," explained Sunarya.

Previously, Bali Governor Wayan Koster said that his party was implementing emergency PPKM in full in all districts and cities. Emergency PPKM is implemented at level 3.

"The COVID-19 emergency PPKM applies to nine regencies/cities in Bali according to level three criteria," said Koster during a press conference at his office, Friday (2/7).

Koster explained that the implementation of the emergency PPKM in Bali was in accordance with the Instruction of the Minister of Home Affairs (Inmendagri) Number 15 of 2021 concerning the Enforcement of Restrictions on Emergency Community Activities for Corona Virus Disease 2019 in the Java and Bali Regions.

He then issued Circular Letter (SE) Number 9 of 2021 concerning Enforcement

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