Indonesian Women's Doubles Greysia Polli, Apriyani Rahayu to the Tokyo Olympics Final.

 Greysia Polii/Apriyani Rahayu managed to ensure that they qualified for the 2020 Olympics final. The Indonesian women's doubles defeated the South Korean pair, Shin Seung-chan/Lee So-hee in two straight games at Musashino Sports Plaza, Saturday (31/7/2021). This is the 8th meeting for both partners. Greysia/Apriyani lead 5-2 over the world's fourth-ranked women's doubles.

There was a tight battle from the very first game. Greysia/Apriyani trailed 2-5. Indonesia catches up, 5-6. Shin/Lee tried to dictate the Indonesian pair and led 9-6.

The match went so tough. The Korean pair led 11-8 in the first interval.

Greysia / Apriyani began to show a fast game and equalized the score 11-11. This moment became a turning point for Greysia/Apriyani. Indonesia turned ahead 13-11. While on fire, Greysia's smash hit the net, 13-12.

Greysia/Aprinya smashed repeatedly and won one point, 14-12. Shin/Lee catches up with two consecutive points, the score is 14-14.

Apriyani's return hit the net, Shin/Lee won the rally, 15-14. Greysia/Apriyani's two consecutive smashes were successful, scoring 16-15.

Both pairs are still vying for the score. After 19-19, Greysia/Apriyani appeared confident and continued to press. Indonesia won the first game with a score of 21-19. In the second game, there was another fierce battle. There is no gap for both pairs to lead far, the score is 4-4. Shin/Lee hit a barrage of smashes, leading 5-4.

For the first time, Shin/Lee managed to lead by two points, 7-5. Shin/Lee continued to dominate and lead 9-6. Indonesia won two points in a row from the mistakes of the Korean pair, the score was 8-9.

Apriyani couldn't reach Lee So-hee's drop shot smash, Korea won 10-8. Again, the Korean pair made a mistake and added points for Indonesia.

It was Greysia/Apriyani's turn to make a mistake, the Korean pair winning 11-9 at the interval.

The battle was getting fiercer, the score was 13-13. Again, the two pairs have no gap to lead each other by more than two points.

Greysia/Apriyani finally managed to lead 18-16. Indonesia continues to advance, match point, 20-16. Greysia/Apriyani wrapped up the second game with a score of 21-17.

This is a history for Indonesian women's doubles for the first time to qualify for the Olympic final. After the match, Greysia/Apriyani asked for support from the Indonesian people so that their steps were smooth in the final.

"Of course we are very grateful, we ask for support and prayers from the Indonesian people in the final," said Greysia and Apriyani.

In the final, Greysia/Apriyani will face the Korean pair, Kong Hee-yong/Kim So-yeong or Jia Yifan/Chen Qingchen from China. For the first time during its participation in the Olympics, Indonesia ensured a medal from the women's doubles badminton event.

China dominates the women's doubles sector by winning five gold, 3 silver and 4 bronze medals. Meanwhile, South Korea and Japan each won one gold medal.

Korea also won two silver and three bronze, while Japan only one silver.

A total of five countries have won medals in the women's doubles Olympics. Denmark won silver medals and Russia bronze. Indonesian women's doubles Greysia Polii/Apriyani Rahayu advanced to the Tokyo 2020 Olympic final. Greysia/Apriyani eliminated the South Korean pair, Shin Seung-chan/Lee So-hee in two straight games at Musashino Sports Plaza, Saturday ( 31/7/2021)

This is the 8th meeting for the two couples. Greysia/Apriyani lead 5-2 over the world's fourth-ranked women's doubles.

Thus, Greysia/Apriyani's meeting record with Shin/Lee was 6-2. Greysia/Apriyani advanced to the final without feeling defeated.

Greysia swept the group A phase, against the English pair 21-11 and 21-13, then beat the first seeds from Japan, Sayaka Hirota/Yuki Fukushima. In the quarter-finals, they will face the Chinese pair Li Yunhui/Du Yue. Indonesian Women's Doubles, Greysia Polii/Apriani Rahayu will meet Chen Qingchen/Jia Yifan in the 2021 Tokyo Olympics Final.

The Gold Competition in the Women's Doubles sector will be held on Monday (2/7/2021).

The match will be held at Musashino Forest Sport Plaza. Greysia Polii/Apriani Rahayu advanced to the 2021 Tokyo Olympics Badminton Finals after beating Lee So-Hee/Shin Seung-chan, 21-19, 21-17.

Meanwhile, Chen Qingchen/Jia Yifan beat Kim So-Yeong/Kong Hee-Yong, 21-15, 21-11.

Regardless of gold or silver medals, Greysia/Apriyani has made a new history by presenting the first medal in the history of Indonesian women's doubles at the Olympics.

Previously, there had never been a single Indonesian women's doubles pair that appeared in the Olympic final of all time.

This means that Greysia/Apriyani have managed at least a medal for the Indonesian badminton contingent at this time's Olympics.

The second fact is the chances of Greysia/Apriyani who are on the threshold of new history as a candidate for the first gold medal in the women's doubles sector in the Olympics for Indonesia.

If Gresyia/Apriyani were able to present a gold medal, it would have historical significance for the badminton contingent of the Indonesian women's doubles sector.

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