Evaluation of the percentage decrease in Community activity


The decline in the mobility of residents in Buleleng Regency has not yet reached the 30% target, this is seen from the results of the central evaluation meeting showing that there are still many community activities during the implementation of the Covid-19 Emergency PPKM, especially in Buleleng Regency. For this reason, to reduce residents' activities, inspections are carried out at several points. This was conveyed by the Secretary of Buleleng, Drs. Gede Suyasa, M.Pd while reviewing the examination of residents, Friday (9/7).
Furthermore, Suyasa said, the decrease in the activity of residents in Buleleng Regency was observed to be still 10%, so the Buleleng Covid-19 Task Force will carry out several schemes to reduce the mobility of its citizens. One of them is to conduct inspections on office employees whose work system adjustments have been made, namely work from home (WFH) and work from an office (WFO).
Regarding the work system, Suyasa explained that it was regulated in the Instruction of the Minister of Home Affairs (Inmendagri) No. 15 of 2021, Circular Letter of the Governor of Bali No. 9 of 2021, and the Decree of the Regent of Buleleng No. 1638 of 2021 that the critical sector employees are 100% WFO, then the essential sector is 25% WFO and non-critical and non-essential 100% WFH.
“If an employee who is WFH is found outside, he or she will be examined to be able to show a letter of assignment, otherwise they will be sent home. This aims to reduce the mobility of employees in the office according to the sectors that have been determined. Residents will also have their vaccine certificates checked and the objectives must be clear. We will continue to do these efforts to reduce the mobility of residents," he explained.
justify In addition to inspections for activity restrictions, the effort to reduce crowds is clear by the Regional Secretary, Suyasa, by turning off street lighting starting at 20.00 WITA by 50% but still considering security aspects. Then the deactivation of the government's free wifi access starting at 20.00 WITA.
"Once again, all of these efforts are to reduce the potential for crowds of residents, please if there is no very important need, it is better to stay at home, so that the transmission and spread of Covid-19 can be suppressed," he said. Meanwhile, efforts to reduce community activities are also carried out by blocking several areas in Buleleng Regency
By doing insulation at the entrance and exit of Buleleng Regency by building a bulkhead post at a predetermined point. This is aimed at anticipating a spike in Covid-19 cases in Buleleng Regency. This was conveyed by the Deputy Regent of Buleleng I Nyoman Sutjidra while reviewing the emergency PPKM bulkhead post at the Pancasari Village Police Post, Thursday (8/7).
Furthermore, Deputy Regent Sutjidra said that the establishment of this bulkhead post would later lead to people entering and leaving Buleleng Regency, both working outside and to the region, in order to bring the requirements that have been determined by the Covid-19 Task Force.
"People who want to work outside the region must bring documents, for example, proof of having received a vaccine, making travel documents from sub-districts, villages/Kelurahan. If there is no need they will be turned back, this is because to anticipate a spike in additional cases Covid-19 cases," he said.
Furthermore, Deputy Regent Sutjidra conveyed that apart from the isolation post in Pancasari Village, there are also blocking posts that serve as the entrance to Buleleng Regency in other places, for example in Tajun, Kubuaddan District, Sambirenteng Village, Tejakula District, and Sumberklampok Gerokgak Village.
Meanwhile, met in the same place, the Head of the Buleleng Police, I Made Sinar Subawa, explained that the results of today's monitoring were 34 vehicles that had to turn around because they did not carry travel documents from Denpasar to Buleleng and vice versa.
"Those who we turn back can understand and understand that they do not carry travel documents so that this can reduce the risk of transmitting Covid-19 cases," he said.
In addition, his party also advised the public that if there were no important matters related to work, it was better to postpone it while the emergency PPKM was in effect.

Also present at the review where the Head of the Singaraja District Attorney's Office, Putu Gede Astawa, Singaraja Undiksha Chancellor Nyoman Jampel, and Sukasada Sub-district Head I Gusti Ngurah Suradnyana. 

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