Enforcement of Restrictions on Community Activities

 The central government of the Republic of Indonesia has decided to extend the Implementation of Community Activity Restrictions (PPKM) Levels 4 and 3 in Java-Bali until August 2, 2021. The extension was carried out after the government assessed that the surge in cases of the coronavirus (Covid-19) in Indonesia had not experienced a significant decrease in cases.

This extension is the second extension after the previous emergency PPKM until July 20, 2021.

Initially, the government implemented Emergency PPKM on 3-20 July in Java-Bali and 12-20 July outside Java-Bali. Then it was extended with the term PPKM Level 4 on July 20-25, and now PPKM Level 4 has been officially extended again by the government. 2021 concerning the Enforcement of Restrictions on Community Activities Level 4 and Level 3 Corona Virus Disease 2019 in the Java and Bali Regions. The Minister of Home Affairs was issued on July 25, 2021.

The following is a list of PPKM Level 3 Regencies/Cities:


1. Serang District

2. Lebak Regency

3. Pandeglang Regency

West Java

1. Sukabumi Regency

2. Subang Regency

3. Pangandaran Regency

4. Majalengka Regency

5. Kuningan Regency

6. Indramayu Regency

7. Garut Regency

8. Cirebon Regency

9. Cianjur Regency

10. Ciamis District

11. Tasikmalaya Regency,

Central Java

1. Purbalingga Regency

2. Pekalongan Regency

3. Magelang Regency

4. Cilacap Regency

5. Brebes Regency

6. Boyolali Regency

7. Blora Regency

8. Pemalang Regency

9. Grobogan Regency

East Java

1. Sampang Regency

2. Pasuruan Regency

3. Pamekasan Regency

4. Pacitan Regency

5. Kediri Regency

6. Sumenep Regency

7. Probolinggo Regency


1. Jembrana Regency

2. Bangli Kabupaten Regency

3. Karangasem Regency

DKI Jakarta

1. Thousand Islands

2. West Jakarta

3. East Jakarta

4. South Jakarta

5. North Jakarta

6. Central Jakarta.


1. South Tangerang City

2. Tangerang City

3. Serang City

4. Tangerang Regency

5. Cilegon City.

West Java

1. Purwakarta Regency

2. Karawang Regency

3. Bekasi Regency

4. Sukabumi City

5. Depok City

6. Cirebon City

7. Cimahi City

8. Bogor City

9. Bekasi City

10. Banjar City

11. Bandung City

12. Tasikmalaya City

13. Sumedang Regency

14. Bogor Regency

15. West Bandung Regency

16. Bandung Regency

Central Java

1. Jepara Regency

2. Sukoharjo Regency

3. Rembang Regency

4. Pati Kabupaten

5. Kudus Regency

6. Klaten Kabupaten Regency

7. Kebumen Regency

8. Banyumas Regency

9. Tegal City

10. Surakarta City (Solo)

11. Semarang City

12. Salatiga City

13. Magelang City

14. Wonosobo Regency

15. Wonogiri Regency

16. Temanggung Regency

17. Tegal Regency

18. Sragen Regency

19. Semarang Regency

20. Purworejo Regency

21. Kendal District

22. Karanganyar Regency

23. Demak Regency

23. Batang District

25. Banjarnegara Regency

26. Pekalongan City

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Special Region of Yogyakarta (DIY)

1. Sleman Regency

2. Bantul Regency

3. Yogyakarta City

4. Kulonprogo Regency

5. Gunungkidul Regency

East Java

1. Tulungagung Regency

2. Sidoarjo Regency


5. Gresik Regency

6. Surabaya City

7. Mojokerto City

8. Malang City

9. Madiun City

10. Kediri City

11. Blitar City

12. Stone Town

13. Tuban Regency

14. Trenggalek Regency

15. Ponorogo Regency

16. Ngawi Regency

17. Nganjuk Regency

18. Mojokerto Regency

19. Malang Regency

20. Magetan Regency

21. Lumajang Regency

22. Jombang Regency

23. Jember Regency

24. Bondowoso Regency

25. Bojonegoro Regency

26. Blitar Regency

27. Banyuwangi Regency

28. Bangkalan Regency

29. Probolinggo City

30. Pasuruan City

31. Situbondo Regency.


1. Badung Regency

2. Gianyar Regency

3. Klungkung Regency

4. Tabanan Regency

5. Buleleng Regency

6. Denpasar City.

This Emergency PPKM includes restrictions on community activities that are more stringent than those that have been in effect so far. The policy, which was implemented for two weeks and targeted districts/cities in Java and Bali, was carried out as a way to break the chain of the spread of the coronavirus, which has continued to increase in recent times. "In detail, how to arrange this emergency PPKM, I have asked the Coordinating Minister for Marinvest (Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs and Investment) to explain as clearly as possible, in detail about this restriction," he said, quoted from Antara, Thursday (1/6/2021).

PPKM Mikro 1. Office/workplace activities Get information, inspiration, and insight in your email. Register email Office/workplace activities, both government offices (ministry/institution/regional) and BUMN/BUMD/private apply the following provisions: Offices located in the red and orange zones of Covid-19 are required to apply for work from home (WFH). WFH applies to 75 percent of employees, while the remaining 25 percent are allowed to work from the office or work from the office (WFO). Strict health protocols are implemented, work time arrangements are made in shifts when WFH is not traveling or mobility to other areas, and further arrangements are made by ministries/agencies and local governments (local governments). Also read: Still PJJ, when can face-to-face teaching and learning in schools be held? 2. Red Zone teaching and learning activities: conducted online; and other zones: according to the regulation of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology (Kemendikbudristek) with the implementation of stricter health protocols. 3. Essential sector activities can operate 100 percent with more stringent regulation of operating hours, capacity, and implementation of health protocols. This sector includes industry, basic services, public utilities, national vital objects, as well as places for meeting the basic needs of the community (markets, shops, supermarkets, etc.) both stand-alone and in shopping centers/malls. Also, read List of 60 Red Zones, This Week Increases More than 2-fold 4. Restaurant activities Restaurants are only allowed to open until 20.00, and can only serve to take away or take away orders. Delivery/take-away or takeaway services according to restaurant operating hours. Implementation of stricter health protocols. 5. Activities in shopping centers, malls, markets, and trade centers Restriction of operating hours until 17.00. Limitation of visitors to a maximum of 25 percent of capacity. Read also: The difference between the Delta variant and the Delta Plus, this is the WHO explanation 6. Construction activities Construction sites or project sites can operate 100 percent with stricter implementation of health protocols. 7. Worship activities Activities in places of worship (mosques, prayer rooms, churches, temples, and other places of worship) apply the following provisions: Red Zone: temporarily suspended until it is declared safe, in accordance with Circular (SE) of the Minister of Religion (Menage); and Other Zones: according to regulations from the Ministry of Religion, with stricter implementation of health protocols. Also, read Delta Variant Difference with SARS-CoV-2 8. Activities in public areas Activities in public areas (public facilities, public parks, public tourist attractions, other public areas), apply the following provisions: Red Zone: temporarily closed until declared safe; and other zones: allowed to be opened at most 25 percent of capacity, regulated by the local government, with stricter implementation of health protocols. 9. Art, social, and cultural activities Activities at artistic, social, cultural locations that can cause crowds and crowds, the following provisions apply Red Zone: temporarily closed until it is declared safe; Other zones: permitted to be opened at a maximum of 25 percent of capacity, regulation from the local government, with the application of more stringent health protocols: and Celebration (community) activities at a maximum of 25 percent of capacity, no food served on site. Also read: WHO Allows Sinovac Vaccine Emergency Use, What Does It Mean? 10. Red Zone meetings, seminars, offline meetings: temporarily closed until declared safe; and Other Zones: allowed to open at most 25 percent of capacity, with stricter implementation of health protocols. 11. Public transportation Can operate with capacity and operating hours regulated by the local government and with the implementation of more stringent health protocols. Also read: Delta Variant Can Be Contagious Only Passing 5-10 Seconds, Is 3M Still Enough? Emergency PPKM See a photo of the atmosphere at a shopping center in Jakarta, Tuesday (29/6/2021). The COVID-19 Handling Task Force said that the operation of shopping centers and malls would be limited until 17.00, in line with the tightening of community activities and the imposition of restrictions on community activities.

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