10 Traits that are not good in Hinduism that need to be avoided in life


In the Bhagavadgita, it has been stated that there are two human tendencies, namely Daiwi Sampad and Asuri Sampad, Daiwi Sampad is a tendency to do good while Asuri Sampad is a tendency to do bad things (Asubha Karma). There are many bad behaviors that we need to avoid and in Hindu religious teachings, bad deeds are classified as Adharma which is the enemy in humans. Dasa Mala is ten kinds of bad qualities that we need to avoid because they are classified as Asubha Karma. Dasa Mala is a source of immorality, namely a form of action that is contrary to morality which tends to evil. All actions that are contrary to morality we should avoid in this life to avoid suffering. The distribution of Dasa Mala is as follows:

1. Tandri means people who are lazy to eat and sleep, are not sincere, just want to do evil. Laziness is a trait that is hated by Ida Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa because this attitude is an obstacle to achieving life goals. Get rid of laziness because no goal can be achieved by just staying silent, even laziness will keep Atma from Paramatma.

2. Kleda means despair, likes to procrastinate on a job, and doesn't want to understand other people's intentions. Despair and procrastination are traits that are dominated by greedy nature. People who in their lives are dominated by the nature of tamas will cause Atma to fall into hell. If the nature of this tamas is superior to that of animals and rajas, the Atma will transform into plants or animals. Do not be quick to despair

3. Leja means dark-minded, passionate, and happy to do work. The mind determines the quality of human behavior in this life, it is the mind that regulates the movement of the ten senses so it is called the King of the Senses. If the Sense King is not good then the other senses are also not good. Mind

dark, thoughts that are controlled by the turmoil of lust are very detrimental to themselves and others. There are three ways to keep the mind pure, namely:

a) Si tan Engin Adengkya RI Drbyaning Len which means not wanting someone else's property.

b) Si tan Krodha ring Sarwa Sattwa which means, does not hate all beings.

c) Si Mimituhwa ring Hananing Karmaphala which means, people who are very sure of the truth of the law of Karmaphala.

4. Kutila means hurting others, drunkards, and swindlers. Hurting and killing other creatures, especially humans is an act that is very contrary to religious teachings. Kutila also means drunkard, people who like to get drunk then their mind will become dark. Dark thoughts will make someone fall into negative things. Hurting others is an act of Himsa karma and causes bad rewards.

5. Kuhaka which means grumpy, likes to find fault with others, says carelessly and stubbornly. We have to overcome the anger and hatred within us so that peace in life can be achieved.

6. Metraya which means to say hurt, arrogant, jealous, and likes to tease other people's wives. Words spoken with malicious intent will be able to hurt others and can even cause death to others and themselves (Wasita Nimittanta Pati Kapguh), therefore

a. Don't like to berate

b. Don't say rude to other people

c. Don't slander

d. Don't break the promise

7. Megata which means doing evil, said anis but selfless. Evil actions are classified as Asubha Karma and evil deeds are obstacles to achieving peace in life. There are three types of action control, namely:

a. Not torturing/killing God's creatures

b. Don't cheat on other people's property

c. Not committing adultery

8. Ragastri which means full of lust and likes to rape, this act is classified as inhuman because it is contrary to religious teachings and tends to be like giant traits. To avoid these things, we should fill our time with positive things.

9. Bhaksa Bhuana which means hurting others, deceit, and extravagance. Spending time means using material possessions excessively, abundant wealth if used without a dharma basis will plunge the person into hell. Therefore, you should make the best use of the assets you have. Because using the property as sparingly as possible, in addition to guiding our character so that we can live a simple life, will also improve the welfare of life and welfare. happiness both physically and mentally.

10. Kimburu which means a fraud, a thief against anyone indiscriminately, envious and envious is a very despicable and very despicable act. Acts like this need to be eliminated in a person because they can plunge someone into hell, this kind of nature must be removed to achieve self-purity.

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