Five Unsolved Mysteries of Indonesia


1. A block that stranded in the European Ocean mysteriously originating from Indonesia, a square-shaped block and has an engraving that reads "Tjipetir" which is an important clue. The research team led by Tracey William is a resident of Newquay Cornwall, England trying to investigate more to find out where the stone came from, the investigation concluded that the stone came from the city of Sukabumi, West Java Province, Indonesia. The block object is made of rubber latex as the material for underwater telegram cables.


Ourang Medan ghost ship Starting from 2 (two) American ships in 1947 City Of Baltimore and Silver Star sailing in the Malacca Strait, it was observed that there was an emergency signal from the Ourang Medan ship, the closest position was the Silver Star ship, so the crew was sent silver star to investigate the top of the deck of the Ourang Medan ship, it turned out that when we got there the situation of everyone on the Ourang Medan ship died horribly with protruding eyes without any indication of violence, after checking everything it turned out that there was no life there, then the Silver Star ship tried to pull the Ourang Medan ship not towed, suddenly the ourang Medan ship exploded by itself and was full of mystery.

3. Madagascar residents of Indonesian blood have known Madagascar Island has not been explored for thousands of years and is only inhabited by lemur habitat. A study by Murray Cox from Massey University, New Zealand, said that of the 30 residents of Madagascar Island, 28 of Indonesian descent, testing by checking the DNA of the local residents there and found it ancient object similar to the relic of the Sriwijaya kingdom.


The Oldest Pyramid Originating from Indonesia, the mystery of Bukit Padang is the oldest pyramid made by man. This has occurred since research by NJ Krom in 1914 who conducted research on megalithic sites in Bukit Cianjur, West Java, but over time the research and the site disappeared and appeared. back when an ancient disaster study under social and disaster assistance from the special presidential staff and with the help of an international research team and concluded that Bukit Padang is not a hill but is the oldest pyramid in the world. 5. Indonesia is the Lost Continent of Atlantis although it is not fully proven but the name the famous and glamorous of atlantis is enough to attract a little world attention with this statement the lost continent written by plato in the book Timaus Dan Critias makes people race to find where this advanced civilization is located and a Brazilian scientist who states Indonesia has the possibility of the lost continent of atlantis g.

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