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 Honda Stepwgn 2022

Honda has re-introduced its newest MVP, the 2022 Honda step wagon, whose first debut was based in Japan and then will be circulated in various countries. first launched in Japan in May 1996 Honda step wagon comes in two options, namely the Honda step wagon air and step wagon Spada the previous generation comes with a sharp curve body shape and looks big. which is broad in terms of design, it is more assertive and boxed the main lights with al-arkan technology for fish services with plain large kriek but looks luxurious on the bumper There are 4 sensors and the use of 16-inch cells gives a luxurious impression before we continue, don't have a big shape and have a spoiler While for UK type Wagon air is smaller and there is no spoiler behind the car for the latest generation has larger dimensions than the previous generation. The latest generation has dimensions with a length of 4690 mm, a width of 1695 mm, a height of 1840 mm, and a wheelbase of 2890 mm. Unfortunately in this latest generation, there are parts The unique rear door that was removed by the Honda Waku Waku with two-door opener models is no longer used The first model is opened with half the door swinging to the side like the first and second-generation Honda CRV and the second model is like a car in general, while the latest generation comes with doors the back of the power backdoor only opens upwards, while for the operation of the side door or power sliding door on both sides it is younger with a button on the door handle, the interior is very luxurious and the dashboard is made of a multilevel model in the middle, there is a large head unit specifically for typhus which is no longer using the transmission lever instead a step button, the latest wagon offers hadron. The large window makes the cabin feel bright and airy thanks to a larger body than before. The second row of the Captain seat model gives an elegant and exclusive feel to being equipped with leg supports so that passengers can be more relaxed and pampered during the trip. The second and third rows can lie flat for luggage needs. The Honda step wagon comes in two engine options, namely Hybrid and non-hybrid for non-hybrid 1.5-liter engines. Turbo uses a 1500cc engine which is claimed to be equivalent to a 2400 cc engine without a Turbo. This engine is capable of producing 148 power. horsepower and torque of 203 Newton meters, although this car is large, the fuel consumption is fairly economical, which can reach 17 km per liter. The boxy semi-premium MPV in Indonesia is only filled by a few players, such as the Toyota Voxy and Nissan Serena soda, which are big players who do not yet have this segment. in the country, but actually, you have MPV This type is still stored and may become a weapon to overthrow the Toyota Voxy, what car is it and what are the details? Let's look at the following video. The car in question is the Honda step legend. the features of this car will compete with the Toyota Voxy, the front of the Honda embeds LED lights with Drl then the use of a grille with three levels of design lines Solid Honda investment is very strong in taste If you look at the appearance There will be a difference between the headlights and the new grille and bumper design from the side this car looks like a Toyota Voxy passenger door using an electric sliding door with a large window so that the view out will look broad from the back of the lights in a vertical design that is attached to the D pillar of the rear door is designed with 2 openings, namely opening up and also opening to the side Honda calls this mechanism the Wakuwaku gate but this is filled with the aroma of luxury and premium comfort using a bar design like the Honda Freed speedometer using The digital instrument cluster which is placed above the entertainment system also uses a dark and spacious interior themed touch screen panel with wood trim for the standard type or carbon for the sporty type, a number of excellent features have been embedded in this car. control Hill start assist emergency stop signal and pedestrian detection this feature serves to prevent accidents between cars and pedestrians in their home country. This car is sold at a starting price of 249 million rupiah. But unfortunately this car has not yet entered Indonesia. to enter the sliding door mod into the country because the article is getting smaller if you are in two choices you prefer Honda step with bicycle or Toyota Voxy huh?

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