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 This time I will tell the storyline of the film entitled The Hurricane Heist which was released in 2018 good to shorten the time, just go straight to the story Happy reading at the beginning of the story told in 1992 on Coolpad Alabama there is a car containing a father and his two children who are chased by a fairly large storm named hurricane Andrew, the younger brother named Willy blamed his brother for causing them to be late home and trapped in this condition until suddenly a fallen tree luckily still managed to avoid it, but unfortunately the car was stuck and couldn't move at all the father brought his two children into the house not far from there, after it was safe for the children the father came out and tried to pull the car but outside the storm was getting bigger, the things in the house began to fall and when the father was going back inside suddenly the house was carried away by a storm of anxiety and Willy was very scared. 25 years later, the American BMKG predicted that a storm would strike Alabama and Florida,

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