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This film stars Keanu Reeves,Chris Evans and also Forest Whitaker, no need to linger following the storyline of the 2008 film Street King. The story begins with a man named Tom who just woke up from sleep which is seen here he immediately prepared with his gun and then went by car on Tom's trip. stopped by the supermarket to buy 3 vodkas and then returned to continue the journey. It is also known that there has been a drinker since the death of his wife that night, Tom was seen meeting two Korean gangsters to carry out illegal weapons transactions, but here there was a little quarrel between them because Tom was insulting. The gangster was called slanted eye because he didn't accept it. They also taught Tom without any resistance and then took Tom's car and ran away with his gun and it turned out that Tom did that on purpose to be able to follow them. They went to his headquarters after wearing a vest and took a gun in his Bekasi car. the headquarters and killed them after that Tom also made this incident like an act of self-defense and it is known Here it turns out that Tom is an undercover policeman to free 2 women who were kidnapped by these gangsters, after that Tom's colleagues in the unit came to the scene he is Mike Clady Demille and also Santos and their boss named Jack Wander He praises Tom for his success in this mission then Jack asks for help immediately to go to the hospital to treat his wound before then the media team comes to question him outside Tom meets his former partner named Terry Washington here Terry was opposed to Tom's actions, who immediately executed the target, according to which the suspects were entitled to a defense in court, so there was a slight quarrel between them which was then broken up by Jack, Terry himself chose to leave the unit because he did not agree with the dirty ways they were doing. in on duty at the hospital Tom was treated by Garcia, a nurse and Tom's girlfriend, not long after that Captain Biggs approached Tom and asked him some questions. Captain Biggs himself is a Provost who is trying to uncover the rot in the police unit. but here Tom answered casually so as not to show that he was guilty Tom said that he was attacked first and before leaving Captain Big gave Tom a business card if one day you need his help the next day commander Jack who got a promotion he held a party and here Anchovies were also seen watching them from a distance. Jack said that Terry had cooperated with Captain Biggs to investigate, They were also angry with Tom and wanted to beat Terry but here Mike Clady tried to stop him, Tom who was still angry with Terry, he followed the incoming anchovies. In a supermarket where here Tom intends to teach Terry a lesson but suddenly two robbers who have just arrived Tom rushes to tell Terry but Terry instead attacks him until the robbers come and shoot them. Tom is cornered, his shot hits Terry until finally Terry even killed by being brutally shot by the robbers then Jack with credit came to the scene and after they saw the CCTV footage it showed that Tom had planned this murder but here Jack was trying to protect Tom he told Tom to hide the disc While Jack himself would make fake news but for a while, Tom had to work behind the desk until this case subsided. Captain Big wanted to interrogate Tom but Big was instead made emotional because Tom who didn't want to open his mouth Big always said that the expert The pathologist who did the post-mortem on Terry's body had found a different bullet lodged in Terry's body, which means that there is a third shooter who is still being investigated and the time has come for Terry's body to be buried accompanied by respect for the rights of the police. Terry's husband's departure when he went home Tom tried to get Linda to talk to explain what really happened but Linda didn't want to listen to it, returned to Tom's office who was restless with Captain Big's words. He also asked about the bullet to scan, a detective who is investigating a real case but scanned did not want to give any information to Tom-tom and immediately went to see the pathologist, the expert explained that there were 18 bullets lodged in Terry's body, namely 10 bullets from the first shooter and 70 from the second shooter but the deadliest was 1 bullet that hit The next I and it is certain that it was a deliberate shot fired by Tom before he could remove the evidence, the bullet, Diskan came and snatched it from Tom outside Tom. a phone call from the lab officer who told him the two names were Coutes and also fremont diskan told Tom that the DNA of these 2 people matched the DNA of the smoker's saliva they found in front of the supermarket back to the demil office and Santos told Tom that Coutes and fremont were dealers and they are also often involved in murder and rape cases but until now there is not enough evidence to arrest them that night Tom went to see Jack here anyway asked Jack's permission to kill the coutes and also fremont but Jack forbade Tom to do that because he remembered Big who always watched them the next day when Tom was working the disk asked him to talk one-on-one the disk told a new fact where he found some money and other evidence in Terry's car which Terry suspected was a corrupt cop Then they decided to work together in investigating this case at night They went to look for the whereabouts of Coutes and also fremont but when they wanted to ask the group of men there 1 person tried to escape so there was a chase this man then directed them to a dealer named briel who lives in San Pedro Then they too immediately went to meet brill arrived there They immediately interrogated bril even tom tortured him so that Bril would open his mouth but bril who didn't want to give any information was finally arrested by them the next day Clady gave the bullet evidence to Tom with that please don't worry again on the case yes anchovies who will harm him but suddenly you get a call from Bril who has now changed his mind Bril also told a businessman named Scribble who probably knew Coutes and also Fremont after knowing the person They set off to look for Scribbl They also found Scribble who was riding in a car With a little threat, Scribble finally informed the whereabouts of Cuotes and Fremont, namely in a small villa on a hill. Tom asked Scribble to take him, but when he got there the villa was empty and they found that Coates and Fremont were already dead. terry had also killed Coates and Fremont and then put their DNA in front of the supermarket so that it was as if Coates and Fremont were the ones who killed terry and now there's someone disguised as cuotes and fremont who's doing business with scribble as if nothing happened they ask scribble to arrange a meeting with cotes and fremont after meeting Coutes and fremont fake tom says he's a cop and wants doing business with them heard that they were also open and said that they had killed Terry but suddenly discan was killed with a shot right in the throat after that tompun went to hide at his girlfriend's house here it was reported on the news that what he had killed was the police who are undercover which of course they are corrupt cops but Tom himself is now the only suspect and has the status of a fugitive until not long after Santos and Demile came crashing into the door which then immediately took Tom away but apparently they did not take Tom to the police station but to a forged hill t where they buried Coutes and Fremont, here it is revealed that they were the ones who killed Terry because Terry was trying to investigate a drug case involving corrupt police officers which was all on the orders of Jack's commander and all this time the reason Jack was protecting Tom was just to use him here Tom is trying to escape. the handcuffs then when he realized Tom was already on the hill and ready to be executed but stupidly they played Tom first managed to take the spade and stuck it right in Demile's head then shot dead Santos on the other side saw Clady who tortured Linda to get the Disc until then Tom came to help him after loading Clady in the trunk Tom went to Jack's house here tom reported to jack that Santos and demi le were trying to kill him And he was forced to kill them both Jack still acted like defending Tom and asked Jack to contact Clady But in fact h Clady's cellphone is in Tom's hands and the contents of the message are an order to cladi to kill Tom Tom also tells Jack that he has killed Clady too until then a fight ensues between them Tom wants to kill jack-jack opens everything and shows his money which is almost full Jack tried to trick Tom with the money. But Tom, who has no mercy, shoots Jack right in the heart. At the end of the film, Tom is shown surrendering himself to Propos and putting down his gun, but Big comes and returns Tom's gun. Big says that he has been wanting to open it for a long time. jack's rottenness but now it's Tom who can do that.

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