Jumper movie story (2008)

The film will focus on the figure of David, a normal young boy who is not very smart in his school in this scene can be giving a gift to his classmate named Mili where this David turns out to have an interest in the girl, soon another classmate arrives. where he took the gift and threw it into the frozen river David was unexpectedly desperate to pick it up and what happened next the ice broke and David sank into the water was the incident triggering the ability to teleport where David was suddenly in the school library but before continuing the intro, home sweet home was aware of his abilities David decided to train him And one thing that was interesting David could only move or jump to places he had never seen before David himself lived with his father who was a drunk and his mother left them both somewhere so that he can do whatever he wants without fear of someone prohibiting him for that David decides to rob a bank where he only needs to see the contents of the bank bunker by pretending to ride the toilet so that after he sees the location David only needs to carry out his actions that it turns out there an organization that knows such abilities and is trying to unite the jumpers from the face of this earth and this person is Ronald one of the leaders of the Paladin organization that kills people like David The reason is because they think that the jumpers are Cursed people where miracles tend to be can destroy the order of globalization and only God can be anywhere and anytime a few years can live with the illicit money now he lives in an apartment and his job is just traveling around the world while other people only move in the same scope-that's all David started his activities around the world a, but while in London we will be shown a young man named Griffin who seems aware of David's abilities who in fact turns out to be a jumper also when he returned to his apartment David was surprised to see Roland already there because it turned out that Roland had managed to investigate a robbery case. Banks that happened a few years ago and managed to track down David's whereabouts there was a fight between them wherein the end we will know that the weakness of jumpers like David is that high voltage electricity can still profit by jumping into another room and then jumping again into the room of his former house when the father realized that David was back so he begged not to leave and gave him a little money to buy drinks. Mili is now working in a bar and David goes there to meet her on the other hand Roland also checks all the things in David's apartment and finds a photo of Mili there while David looks to have been at the bar where Mili works unexpectedly there is Mark there too who seems to have drunk until there was a small fight between David and Mark which forced David to use his ability to make Mark give up. Finally, the police arrested them for being in the bunker of an unexpected bank Roland who has access to every institution knows that and tries to interrogate about what happened until Roland finally knows where David and Mili are now on the other side David and Mili are seen was in a hotel in Rome the next hotel David and milly went to a tourist spot where there was another Griffin jumper and the young man who was observing David after he finished walking around David told mili to wait and finally was able to meet Griffin too soon 2 members of the Paladin hunters who are the same as Roland They also aim to kill the jumpers lucky they both survived and managed to defeat the hunters but what was surprising was when Griffin fled to the secret place David accidentally entered through the gap in Griffin's jump where the fact was when they When teleporting, it turns out that they leave marks in the form of gaps or paths so that they can find out where Griffin lives, Griffin also explains that these people are an organization that has been formed since the Middle Ages where they carry out activities such as killing witches and the like. they call his organization the Paladins and Roland is one of the most dangerous members of the Paladins and the one who kills the most jumpers Griffin also warns David to stay away from those closest to him because this Paladin organization will eliminate anyone who gets in their way of course Roland is seen David was already at David's house looking for information from his father after that Roland killed him meanwhile David gave mili some money to go as far as possible because he was in danger But because mili didn't know what was going on he went home instead, after that David returns home and finds his father dying there. He quickly jumps to the hospital for medical attention. Returns to Griffin's place where he invites Griffin to hunt down Roland but Griffin says that it was futile because as far as he knows its the last fight together a Roland almost killed him. for that david jumped into mili's house and found he was still there without much thought. David chose to jump to Griffin's place at the same time Roland had just arrived at mili's house and found David's jump gap still left there, and with sophisticated tools what he was carrying Roland tried to enter through the gap while David and Griffin got into an argument because choosing where he was could be very dangerous for Griffin and his hiding place and Roland actually appeared, thus making them both have to fight with Roland and his men did The thing that then brought a Bus to attack Roland after being almost killed by the bus Roland was still able to stand until when the gripin sprayed him with a flamethrower, Roland was thrown and went back into the gap leading to Mili's house. Roland also used his electric baton and pulled Mili in. go there to be a hostage to see this as a golden opportunity Griffin decided to kill Ronald Until they jumped into the war area the griffin was defeated by being trapped between the electric tower immediately David jumped into Mili's house and immediately ambushed by Ronald and his men so that it was impossible for David to escape from the electric wire where David teleported by bringing his house into the river where he had drowned at that time Jumped into his school library first but unexpectedly Ronald also joined carried away by the jump to end this all could also take Ronald into a cave on a hill in the Grand Canyon area so that it was impossible for Ronald to escape from there. David opened the door it turned out to be not his mother but Bella and Bella turned out to be David's younger siblings where the mother deliberately left David and his father so that they would be out of danger but because his mother had regretted doing that David forgave him and asked permission to marry a woman. woman is mi li David and mili finally got married and went on their honeymoon to a very far away place.

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