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13 Best Double Cabin 2022 Cars Most Efficient & Cheap Prices

The best double cabin cars are now not only owned by Toyota and Mitsubishi, but other car manufacturers such as Fiat, Mercedes, Ford, and Jeep have also launched the best double cabin cars that are the most fuel-efficient. Double cabin cars are indeed much favored by adults, apart from being multi-functional, this type of car can also be invited to bulldoze difficult roads such as remote areas that are still not on asphalt. Choosing the best double cabin car must prioritize 2 specification factors, namely the engine and suspension. Because the car will be used to transport goods and used on damaged roads. Having a car that can be taken on an adventure is indeed very pleasant. There is a sense of satisfaction in itself if you can pass through difficult terrain and cannot be passed by many other cars. The best double cabin car is indeed made for this need. Even though the price can be up to billions of rupiah, flikermania doesn't worry because the price of the best double cabin car is already under 500 million rupiah.

For its specifications, the best double cabin car cannot be underestimated. Because this car mostly carries a tough engine that can be carried through steep terrain. Safety features are also certainly owned by this type of car. The latest double cabin cars currently circulating in the market, already carry a sporty design and sophisticated safety features. There are many brands and types of double cabin cars that Flikermania can choose from. If you like a sporty design and complete safety features, you can choose a double cabin car made by Fiat. Where Fiat has just launched the Fiat Full Back which is designed with the highest level of security features in the double cabin car class. There are at least 7 airbags that are used to provide safety to the 4 passengers inside. The best double cabin car engine must have a large capacity and be able to involve all kinds of terrain. The suspension must also be comfortable and soft when he carries a lot of goods or walks in potholed road conditions. Although the best double cabin car has a large capacity engine, Flikermania doesn't worry about fuel consumption. The reason is that there is now the most efficient double cabin car marketed in the country. For more details about the best double cabin cars, let's look at the information directly below.

1. Fiat Fullback

The first best double cabin car is from Fiat called Fiat Fullback. The Fiat Fullback has a powerful engine with a capacity of 2442 cc. Which can generate power up to 150 hp. The number of transmissions reaches 6 manual and uses 4 WD. This fullback is designed with the highest level of security in its class. It is equipped with 7 airbags and electronic stability control which is a safety standard on Fiat's double cabin cars.

2. Volkswagen Amarok

Volkswagen Amarok comes with 4 doors and 4 passenger seats. The machine it carries is fairly tough. This best double cabin car can also get torque of up to 550 nm and a power output of up to 224 hp. The design is also not inferior to other double cabin cars that appear more sporty and memorable adventure.

3. Jeep Wrangler Brute Double Cab

Who wants to get a double cabin car made by Jeep. Then you can choose the Jeep Wrangler Brute Double Cab. The Jeep car comes with a variety of accessories that are not only to enhance appearance. But also increase the ability of the explorer. It is equipped with a 6.4L V8 engine which makes it the best double cabin car.

4. Tata Xenon XT

The cheap double cabin car made by Tata comes with a 2.2L Dicor Euro II vertical engine and uses a direct injection euro II fuel system. The engine capacity is very large, reaching 2179 cc, so this double cabin car can be invited to climb steep roads. The suspension used is fairly soft and comfortable. The brakes also use disc brakes with abs and drum brakes with abs.

5. Nissan Navara

One of the best cheap double cabin cars and the most fuel-efficient is the Nissan Navara. Where the car comes with an engine capacity of 2488 cc which can shoot up to 163 hp. The design looks more sporty when compared to the previous version. The independent suspension on the four wheels is a new thing in a double cabin car. Even though it is equipped with the best engine in its class, for the price of this newest car, it is relatively the same as the other double cabin cars that we have previously announced.

6. Isuzu D-Max

Who does not know this Isuzu car manufacturer? Well, this one manufacturer is known as the best double cabin car manufacturer in the world. He made a lot of double cabin cars, one of which was the Isuzu D-Max. This car has a tough design and an engine capacity of 2499 cc.

7. Chevrolet Colorado

Not wanting to be left behind with Isuzu, Chevrolet also presents the best double cabin car, the Chevrolet Colorado. This car has 5 seats and an engine capacity of 2449 cc. Its standard and complete features will greatly assist the daily operations of car users. Its performance is very reliable to take any difficult terrain.

8. Toyota Hilux D Cab

The best double cabin car, which is priced at less than 500 million rupiahs, carries a DOHC 4 cylinder in line 16 valve engine with a capacity of 2.5 liters. This machine can produce power up to 144 horsepower. Not only that, this car also has a more ergonomic and modern design.

9. All-New Mitsubishi Strada Triton

The All-New Mitsubishi Strada Triton has a responsive engine performance and a sturdy exterior design. The various comedy modes provided by this best double cabin car have adapted to any terrain conditions. In addition to being the best double cabin car, this car is also the best-selling double cabin car on the market today.

10. Ford Ranger

In Indonesia, the good double cabin car brands are Mitsubishi and Isuzu. But if abroad it is held by Ford. Recently, Ford released a new double cabin car called the Ford Ranger. The car is designed with an EcoBoost engine and a 10-speed transmission. The 2018 Ford Ranger is also equipped with LED technology.

11. Renault Alaskan

The Renault Alaskan is the best double cabin car that competes quite hard with the Mercedes Benz X Class. Where this car brings a more sporty and tough appearance. The engine it uses is a 2.3-liter 4-cylinder turbo diesel. Then the front of the truck has been changed with a new grille, bonnet, headlight, and bumper design.

12. Mercedes Benz X-Class

Not only creating the best sports cars, but Mercedes also presents the best double cabin cars, namely the Mercedes Benz X Class. Last year, sales of this car reached 55 thousand units. It has a powerful 2.2-liter turbo diesel engine. With such a powerful engine, the Benz X-Class can tow a trailer of 3.5 tons and the maximum load it can carry is up to 1,067 kg.

13. Toyota Tundra

Does Flikermania prefer the classic double cabin car design? If so, then you can choose the Toyota Tundra. The price of the Toyota Tundra itself is now around 480 million. Where this car is still faithful to the classic design. But don't get me wrong, for the engine itself is fairly tough, it uses a 4.6-liter aluminum I force v8 engine with DOHC 32 valve cylinder heads.

The best double cabin cars that are economical and at low prices are still being sold in the foreign market. So it's possible that Flikermania can't buy it yet. Of the many best double cabin cars that we have mentioned above. We prefer the best double cabin cars made by Isuzu and Mitsubishi because both companies have experience in making pickups that have 4 passenger seats.


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