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Adapting the Times, Museums in Bali Start Working on NFT Artworks

The Pasifika Museum in the Nusa Dua tourism area, South Kuta District, Badung Regency, Bali has started working on Non-Fungible Token (NFT) artwork. NFT's artwork is produced in collaboration with a company.

"About NFT, we have also signed a contract with a company to make several works of art as NFT," said Museum Pasifika founder Philippe Augier during a visit by the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy (Menparekraf) Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno, Saturday (15/1/2022).

According to Philippe, NFT's artwork is made so that it can be shared later with new generations. This is because the next generation prefers technology. "Because the new generation likes technology and makes something that might not be shot (forged), but must be in a cellphone," he said. part of cultural promotion in Indonesia and Bali in particular.

"We are very happy if we can make promotions, culture, especially promotions of Indonesia and Bali everywhere in the world," said Philippe.

Meanwhile, Menparekraf Sandiaga Uno said that there were opportunities for various works of art to enter the NFT and Metaverse. He hopes that the Pasifika Museum will become an agent of this change.

"Now amid NFT and also how to monetize works of art in the metaverse, we see an opportunity. The Pasifika Museum must be an agent of change as well, so it is not only a death monument but also a living monument," he explained.

Sandiaga said that he is currently embracing Philippe Augier and various museum organizers. Later, he and the Kemenparekraf staff will conduct roadshows to several museums in Indonesia.

For him, the current museum must transform, from what was previously a static museum or a death monument to a living monument. Today's museums must have a technological aspect.

"If it was a static museum, when we say death monument, it must become a living monument, it must tell stories, it must have a story and there is also a technological aspect, namely with NFT and several works that can enter into the metaverse," said Sandiaga. the news lately, Lately the virtual world is being enlivened with news of a young billionaire named Ghozali. Who is Ghozali every day? A teenager from Indonesia who's name is big because his NFT works are selling well.

NFT or non-fungible token is one of the tokens whose transaction value is skyrocketing. To know who Ghozali every day is, consider the following review. These are 5 interesting facts about Ghozali every day the young billionaire, let's see!

Ghozali's Profile every day

Who is Ghozali every day? Adapted from various sources, Ghozali every day is a teenager from Semarang, Central Java. Here are 5 interesting facts about Ghozali every day that made his name a byword in Indonesia.

1. Selling Unique Photos

The first interesting fact about Ghozali every day is that the photos he sells have been collected since he was 18-22 years old. Of course, this is not an easy thing to do, and maybe that's what made Ghozali manage to steal the attention of NFT users around the world.

2. Purchased by Arnold Poernomo

Currently, NFT has succeeded in providing a large enough interest to the world community, and Indonesia is no exception.

Reportedly, several public figures in Indonesia have also enlivened the NFT hype in the country, one of which is chef Arnold Poernomo. Ghozali's work is also used.

3. Starting from the lowest price

You need to know that the NFT assets sold by Ghozali did not immediately have a fantastic selling price, initially, he sold his photos for 0.001 ETH or the equivalent of Rp. 46 thousand.

Due to the large number of enthusiasts who want to collect Ghozali's photos, his photos are now worth billions of rupiahs.

4. The Story Behind Ghozali's Selfie

The surprising fact behind the viral Ghozali every day is the reason he collects his photos, the reason he collects photos for 5 years is for the academic interests he is running. He intends to combine the photos he saved as a picture of the journey he took during his education.

5. Become a Young Billionaire

The latest fact about Ghozali every day is that currently, Ghozali holds the title of a young billionaire, the amount of money he has managed to raise by selling NFT assets is estimated at Rp13 billion.

Well, now you know who Ghozali every day is, a young man from Semarang who became rich because of his selfies. This is a review of 5 interesting facts about Ghozali every day the young billionaire, how? Are you also interested in starting NFT transactions?

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