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Starting November 10, 2021, Maxstream will exclusively release the popular legend series, "Angling Dharma."

This release aims to preserve the historical culture and folklore of Indonesia.

Collaborating with Telkomsel and the production house Cahaya Lemmon Abadi, the Angling Dharma series will star a good soap opera actor. So, who? What is the story of the Angling Dharma series this time? Here are more details below. Maxstream provides an announcement for loyal viewers of the popular Legends of Nowhere series. He released the colossal series Angling Dharma and it is ready to watch starting from November 10, 2021.

This colossal series is known to be the result of collaboration between Telkomsel and the production house Cahaya Lemmon Abadi. This release aims to preserve the culture and folklore of the country.

"The presence of the original colossal drama series 'Angling Dharma' on the leading VoD platform MAXstream is Telkomsel's effort as a leading digital telco to play a role in preserving various historical stories, folklore, and legends that are part of Indonesian culture by being packaged more attractively so that the stories will continue to stick with our society," said Nirwan Lesmana, Vice President of Digital Lifestyle Telkomsel. The colossal series Angling Dharma is known to be played by a good soap opera actor. Some of them are Afdhal Yusman (Angling Dharma), Choky Adriano (Syudawirat), Diana Dee (Dewi Sekarwangi), Gege Fransiska (Lokahita), and many more. With the release of this series, the story of Angling Dharma will be packaged into five episodes. Later, although this series is a colossal series, Angling Dharma will apply a slightly modern concept.

This is intended so that the younger generation can also be interested and feel close when watching this latest Angling Dharma series. Furthermore, the Angling Dharma series quickly became one of the most popular legend series of its time."We hope that the screening of "Angling Dharma" can provide a spectacle that is not only entertaining, but also able to provide positive and educational values for anyone who watches it. In the future, as an effort to reinforce its commitment as "The Home of Entertainment", Telkomsel will continue to optimize the role of MAXstream in collaborating with more local filmmakers so as to be able to present more varied original content for the entire community as well as to advance the Indonesian film industry," said Nirwan.

The Angling Dharma series will be told against the background of the struggle for power and wealth. "Added Nirwan to the release of Angling Dharma, who is known as a wise king and has magical knowledge of mandraguna, will experience a split that will occur in the Malwapati kingdom," adding Nirwan to the release of Angling Dharma.

Red Notice is an original film from Netflix. This film stars Hollywood's top actors and actresses, namely Dwayne Johnson, Gal Gadot, and Ryan Reynolds.

The names of those who are already familiar with the Hollywood cinema scene will definitely make you impatient to see the film. Want to know roughly how the storyline of the film "Red Notice" unfolds? Let's see below for a more complete review. This original Netflix film tells the story of FBI agent John Hartley (played by Dwayne Johnson) who follows Red Notice's orders. A warrant of the highest level to hunt and capture the world's most wanted man. But in pursuit of the world's most wanted man, the agent must be caught in an unfamiliar situation.

John must be caught in a big robbery situation and team up with the world's greatest art thief, Nolan Booth (Ryan Reynolds). Meanwhile, John is after The Bishop (Gal Gadot), the most wanted art thief in the world.

Hartley was trying to catch him. But he's also stuck with Nolan. The big adventure in the biggest robbery action begins. Want to know how exciting this film is? Just watch it on Netflix to find out how much fun it is. The Most Expensive Netflix Original Movie Production

Rumors about this film being the most expensive are quite widespread. The reason is that the total cultivation of this film reached USD 200 million, or equivalent to Rp 2.8 trillion. Not knowing anything about this fantastic fee, Gal Gadot actually told me that it was fun to work with Dwayne Johnson and Ryan Reynolds.

It is known in the video interview of Iyas Lawrence with Gal Gadot on the Makna Talks YouTube account. When asked how it felt to work with these actors, Gal Gadot joked that they weren't all fun people.

Because they are very strict, the situation is serious, causing depression.

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