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 Pule Tree Releases Tirta, Residents Thought It was drizzling rain

Miraculous Events at Jaba Sisi Temple of Penataran Batukaru in Banjar Griya, Kawan Village, Bangli

As for the efficacy or benefits of the water that comes out of the Pule Tree, no one has dared to confirm, because it will still be used by smart people.

A miraculous event occurred in the Banjar Griya neighborhood, Kawan Village, Bangli District/Regency, namely the pule tree emitting holy water (Tirta). The pule tree grows on the side of Penataran Batukaru Temple, Banjar Griya neighborhood, Kawan Village, Bangli District/Regency. After the news circulated that the Pule tree issued water, residents began to flock to the tree to shoot water.

According to one resident, Nengah Wiadnyana, residents only realized that the pule tree was releasing water on Friday (29/10) morning. At first, under the tree, it felt like a drizzle of rain. While there are no other trees. After being watched from the top of the pule tree, water came out. "Some are sweeping under a tree, they think it is raining because the water is dripping heavily. When seen in other areas, it is dry," said Wiadnyana, Saturday (30/10). Because the tree is in the temple area, it is immediately conveyed to the organizers of the Penataran Agung Batukaru Temple. Nengah Wiadnyana said that holy water came out profusely in the morning and evening. "Around 16.00 WITA more holy water comes out," he said. Holy water comes out of the pule tree branches. The holy water fell like a drizzle of rain.

Meanwhile, curious residents came to witness the descent of the holy water from the pule tree. Not a few residents also came with canings for Nunes Tirta. Until yesterday, residents were still coming to the location, this can be seen from the many Canangs that were presented at the location.

The custodian of the Penataran Agung Batukaru Temple, Jro Mangku Istri, admitted that on Friday morning at around 07.00 WITA, he had passed at the Jaba Temple. When it saw several residents. Then someone said that from the Pule Medal tree (out) Tirta. "Tirta medal from tree branches, like local drizzle," said Mangku Istri. Related to this, his party immediately made offerings (offerings) Pejatian and Canang Pemedak. The service was delivered on Friday afternoon. In the tree area, plastic is placed with a size large enough so that the medallion waterfalls on the plastic. "It has been done by the service of the local government, the water which we have placed in our medallion is a Pauk (a place made of clay," he explained.

For Pemedek who wants to shoot Tirta first, they must present Canang. Mangku Istri conveyed that shortly, the temple administrators would do a refining ceremony. "We are still going to Paruman to discuss the next steps," said Mangku's wife while showing the location of the pule tree. Asked about the Pawisik before the Tirta medal, Mangku Istri said that previously someone had mentioned that there was a Tirta medal. But at that time he did not understand the location of the water medal. Does the water that comes out of the pule tree branches contain certain properties or can it be used for treatment (Tamba)? Jro Mangku Istri said that no one has dared to confirm the efficacy yet, because they will still be engaged to smart people. It is estimated that Tirta has already received a medal on Purnama Kalmia, which was last October 20.

"It was estimated that there was a medal last Purnama, but no one knew until yesterday it was discovered," he explained. While the pule tree with a height of about 15 meters is only about 7-8 years old. The pule tree grows in the area of ​​Pura Penataran Agung Batukaru which is supported by 27 heads of families (KK). Pemucuk Pura Penataran Batukaru, Cokorda Raka with the semeton Puri Bedulu Banjar Griya, Kawan Village, Bangli. While the pujawali at Penataran Agung Batukaru Temple fell on Buda Umanis Julungwangi. (Pemedek) who are fighting is not only from the Bangli city area but also from other areas, such as Kintamani, Buleleng to Denpasar.

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