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Ngaben Ceremony in Bali Becomes an Example of Adopting New Habits

During the improving Covid-19 pandemic situation and the urge to start adapting to a new life, the government has gradually made several adjustments to the rules for restricting community activities, including the Ngaben ceremony in Bali.

The ceremony was held in the open area of ​​Sunrise Beach, Sanur, on Friday (8/10). Government Spokesperson for Covid-19 and Ambassador for the Adaptation of New Habits, Reisa Broto Asmoro stated that the easing of rules was taken, among others, based on the level of compliance with health protocols (prokes).

"The data on monitoring compliance with Bali health procedures, which is always recorded to be high above 90 percent, is the basic capital for improving the handling of Covid-19, decreasing PPKM levels, and allowing large ceremonies such as Ngaben or Pelebon," said Reisa. strict. The community was observed to be obedient in wearing masks, with the committee's readiness to provide supporting facilities such as handwashing stations and hand sanitizers at the ceremony venue.

Meanwhile, residents who have not been vaccinated are not allowed to enter the location. To ensure the vaccination status, the ceremony committee requires visitors to scan the PeduliLindung QR Code at the entrance.

Reisa also expressed his appreciation for the efforts to adapt to the new habits of the Balinese people. According to him, this is also proof that the adaptation of new habits can be carried out in large traditional ceremonies.

Prokes Covid-19 promoter from Bali, Ni Wayan Eka Cipta Sari, added that the adaptation of the new habit was translated, among others, by wearing masks, checking temperatures, providing handwashing facilities, and hand sanitizer, and using the Peduli Protect application.

"Reducing the number of guests and committee capacity by up to 75 percent, holding rapid antigen tests for hundreds of committees involved, placing the Denpasar City Task Force at each point of the cremation procession (Ngaben), placing banners and billboards commemorating prokes compliance, and assigning MCs who always remind participants. Prebon to obey the prokes," he said.

style="text-align: justify;">Reisa said that the high compliance in implementing the program, public awareness to adapt to new habits, as well as good vaccination coverage, reflected the readiness of Bali's revival.

It is known, the achievement of vaccination in Bali is one of the highest nationally with 98 percent of targets having received the first dose of injection. One of the government's support is also shown through the opening of direct flights from Japan, South Korea, China, New Zealand, and the United Arab Emirates to Bali.

"Bali Bangkit means Bali with a new order of life, aiming to show the world that Bali is clean, healthy, safe, and environmentally friendly. Hopefully, this spirit can also motivate all Indonesian people to continue to actively move while being aware of the live coronavirus. side by side with us" said Reisa. This time, Bali's Island of the Gods presents the Ngaben Ceremony which is part of the pilot 'starting the implementation' of cultural rituals during this pandemic.

It should be noted that so far Ngaben is not only part of the cultural heritage of the Balinese and Indonesian people, but has also been considered a tourism attraction.

Therefore, the Ngaben Ceremony this time shows an example of how cultural heritage can still be carried out, without forgetting the obligation to continue to implement strict health protocols.

This Ngaben ceremony was held in an open area, namely Sunrise Beach, Sanur, Bali on Friday (10/8/2021).

A religious leader as well as the COVID-19 Task Force for the Sanur area, Mangku Praja said the process of carrying out the Ngaben Ceremony during this pandemic was following the rules imposed by the government. Previously, this Pengabenan was suspended for more than a year, then replaced with limited cremation at the crematorium, this was done to avoid crowds.

"The Ngaben Ceremony in Sanur was planned one year ago, but because the pandemic continues, this event has been postponed twice," said Mangku Praja, in a release from the Ministry of Health.

He added that the main plan for this tradition should have been held on August 15, but due to the ongoing pandemic, the ceremony was postponed to October 6, 2021. Mangku Praja emphasized that so far the Ngaben Ceremony procession has become one of the attractions for tourists, so the implementation of health protocols at the location was also tightened.

Even visitors must show proof of vaccination if they want to enter the Ngaben Ceremony area.

"In carrying out this ceremony in Sanur, the health protocol in Sanur is very strict. At the ceremony venue (when) just entering, there must be a handwashing place, secondly, there must be a hand sanitizer. Then third, after the peak of the pandemic, residents are obliged to take vaccinations "Those who have not participated in the vaccine are not allowed to enter the venue," said Mangku Praja.

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