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Original Jersey Brand Made in Indonesia, Used by Overseas Teams 

Jersey is not a new thing in the world of sports, especially in the world of football or futsal. No team does not have apparel for the jersey that is used during team practice, or during the match. In Indonesia itself, many local apparels are booming and can compete with foreign apparel. Reporting from the following, four Indonesian-made apparels that have gone global and are used by teams abroad. 

1. MBB 

The name of this apparel is indeed a bit foreign to the ears of the Indonesian people. However, this Apparel from Bogor has been widely used by teams from abroad as team jerseys. Starting from East Asian teams, such as Al Ittihad Aleppo (Syria), Al-Karamah (Syria), Al-Jazeera (Jordan), Victory SC (Maldives), and Hanimaadhoo (Maldives), to European teams, Hapt (Russia), and the academy. sports Orebro (Sweden). MBB itself has a meaning, namely Football Shirt Maniac. In addition, this product is also convenient for players to use in moving. This product is made affordable for the Indonesian people. 

2. Specs 

Specs is the first local product to be a pioneer for other brands. This product started its career in 1980. At that time, this apartel did not get much sympathy from the people. And starting in 2005 with the use of the new system, it finally began to be known by the outside community. Specs himself has sponsored local teams, such as Persija, Arema, and Persipura. The Puerto Rico national team and the Liberia national team have also been sponsored by this apart from Jakarta. And clubs from neighboring countries also wear this apparel, namely Terengganu FA. It doesn't stop there, Specs also releases new products every year in the form of clothes, shoes, and other sports equipment. Wow, that's great, mate? 

3. FAT 

FAT started its business as a glove manufacturing company, and since 2017 has been developing its business in the apparel sector. Then, FAT management made several breakthroughs by collaborating with clubs, as well as local and foreign football players. This Apparel from Riau has become a sponsor for the Philippine league team, namely Mendiola FC. Mendiola FC is satisfied with the result of the jersey from FAT and lauds it as the best apparel they have ever worn. Cool! 

4. Narrow 

Several foreign Futsal clubs have used this apparel from Bandung. In the AFC Futsal Club Championship, this local apparel will also display its brand in the biggest futsal event for futsal clubs in Asia. Futsal club from Australia, Vic Vipers, officially partnered with Narrow as his costume apparel at the 2017 AFC Futsal Club Championship. The Iranian futsal team, Messungun, and the Timor Leste national team also trusted Narrow as the apparel for their jersey. Well, those are four local apparels from Indonesia that have started to go global. Hopefully, this will be a good start for local apparel to show off in the outside world and be widely known by teams from abroad. A World-Class Football Club Using Original Indonesian Products So far, it has become a matter of pride for the people of Indonesia to buy or use foreign products. From the most common things like clothes, bags, watches, to soccer jerseys. Domestic products are also underestimated because there is an understanding that domestic products are not cool and seem cheap. But do readers know that now various football clubs use Indonesian-made jerseys to compete? Not only ordinary clubs, but even some top clubs and national team clubs from various countries also choose to use Indonesian products for reasons of high product quality. The following is a list of football clubs that use the original Indonesian jersey. 

England National Team 

England National Team Jersey |  info images Unexpectedly, the England national team has just released its new jersey, which turns out to be made in Indonesia. Sponsored by Nike, the England jersey now uses a dominant dark blue color with distinctive accents from the sports apparel. By choosing a product made in Indonesia as the England national team jersey, which incidentally is a top country in the World Cup, it proves to the world the quality it has. Manchester United The words "Made in Indonesia" on the 

Manchester United Jersey 

| Source: tangerangnews.com This world-class football club turned out to be selling Manchester United jerseys at the MU Megastore, Old Trafford. Using the big brand Nike, this costume made by PT Tuntex Garment Indonesia is trusted by Manchester United to be the producer of its merchandise. The jersey was made in Cikupa, Tangerang, Banten. "In the past, people knew it was only NIKE, even though it was PT Tuntex Garment Indonesia that made it. The factory is in Tangerang," said Ari Haryanto, Brand Manager of The Official Store Manchester United Indonesia. Puerto Rico National Team The jersey used by the Puerto Rico national team when they traveled to IndonesiaNot only Liberia, SPECS also provides jerseys for the 

puerto Rico National Team.

 But there is a unique story behind it. When the Puerto Rico national team will compete with the Indonesian national team in June 2017, only one pair of jerseys will be brought. Unexpectedly, the color of the jersey brought by Puerto Rico is similar in color to the Indonesian national team, so like it or not PSSI is trying to prepare a jersey for the Puerto Rico national team. Within two days, SPECS was selected to make a Puerto Rican jersey to match his away kit.

Liberia National Team

The national team of the country in West Africa chose to use the jersey produced by Jakarta, namely SPECS. This fact is quite surprising, considering that Liberia and Indonesia are so far apart. SPECS was then compelled to make satire to the Indonesian people, which was conveyed through the official Twitter. “Indonesian products have even become Liberia's national team apparel. How about the Indonesian national team, do you want to use local products (?)," he tweeted. This innuendo is very common, considering that the Indonesian national team does not use domestic products, instead of looking for foreign products.

style="text-align: justify;">Terengganu FA

It seems that the quality of the jersey made in Indonesia is also ogled by a neighboring country, Malaysia. Trengganu FA, which is a football club from Trengganu, uses a jersey made in Indonesia, namely SPECS. The jersey was worn in the Malaysian Super League for three consecutive years.

Al Jazeera Club

This soccer club that plays in Jordan's top competition chose to use the jersey from Bogor, MBB. The manufacturer is indeed known for its quality by top clubs. Although the costume was only used for one season – 2016/2017 – this still proves that the jersey made in Indonesia deserves thumbs up.

 Al Ittihad of Aleppo

d AleppoManufacturers from Bogor, MBB, are also trusted to handle the making of the Al Ittihad of Aleppo jersey, which is a top Syrian club. The jersey was used for one season in 2017, which was then followed by MBB's contracts with Jableh, Tishreen, Al Karamah, and Hutten. It seems that the jersey made in Indonesia is so prestigious there!Various Football Clubs that use original Indonesian products can be used as a reflection that the quality possessed by domestic producers is guaranteed. So, Indonesian people should take these facts as an encouragement to love Indonesian products more. Let's use domestic products! 

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