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9 Popular Israel Products in Indonesia

 Israeli products are in demand in the Indonesian market even though the two countries do not have diplomatic relations. So there is no Israeli embassy in Indonesia. On the other hand, Indonesia does not have a government office in Israel. The two countries also do not lock the borders of goods supplied between countries.

Every year Indonesia still carries out trade activities with the Zionist state. This is evidenced by the existence of export-import data between Indonesia and Israel which is published in the Central Statistics Agency (BPS). Even though it is not the largest import supplier country to Indonesia, the transaction value has reached billions of rupiahs every year. For example, in the last five years, the value of goods imported from Israel to Indonesia reached US$ 345.45 million, which is equivalent to Rp. 4.9 trillion during 2016-2020. The trend of importing Israeli products continues to this day. During the first two months, namely January to February, Indonesia imported goods from Israel worth $1,785,870 to purchase a product weighing 144 tons.

Not only that, but Indonesia has also exported goods to Israel and in 2020 the total value of its exports will reach $157.53. Well, for more details, see the reviews about Israeli products that are selling well in the Indonesian market, which are adapted from various sources. Israeli products that are selling well in the Indonesian market?


Halite is one of the children's toy products that are quite popular in the world, because of its qualified quality. The types of children's toys produced by Halilit that can be found in the country are musical instruments ranging from drums, tambourines, and so on. Halilit's toys are generally intended for children from newborn to elementary school age. Edushape is the next Israeli product to produce children's intelligence. Edushape's offices are headquartered in Rosh Ha'ayin, Israel. However, this game which is quite popular in Indonesia is produced by China.

Top Toys

The next popular Israeli product in Indonesia is Taf Toys. This trademark is known for products in the form of baby carriers, baby seat belts for chairs, strollers, toy cars, and so on.

ZAG Industries Ltd

ZAG Industries Ltd is an Israeli product known for its carpentry and household supplies. Until now, 90% of ZAG Industries is held by Stanley Black & Decker Inc. from America and is known for its hammer products. In Indonesia, ZAG's manufactured goods are often found in hardware stores and online.

Teva Pharmaceutical Industries

This company produces a lot of generic drugs and is one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in the world. Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd & Actavis is known to have operated a business from Petah Tikva, Israel. They have representatives in Indonesia because in 2016 they acquired PT Actavis Generics.

Tiny Love

For those of you who have had babies, of course, you are familiar with this Israeli product. Tiny Love is one of the baby equipment products that is well known by the upper-middle class. This product belonging to a company called Shilav Group has its headquarters in Tel Aviv-Jaffa, Israel.


Interstar is an Israeli product owned by the TIP company ToP Toys. This company makes building block toys or better known as construction games. This toy targets consumers from infants to toddlers.

Keter Plastic Ltd

As the name implies, this Israeli product is known as a household product made of plastic and belongs to a giant company in Israel. In our country, Keter Group offers its products under the Black and Decker brand selling products for household needs. '


Still from a product for children, this is Rummikub which is one of the games with a type of board game. Rummikub is similar to mahjong which is played with 104 cards with the numbers 1-13 written in four colors (each color comes with two cards) and two jokers. The game Rummikub was invented by a Romanian Jew named Ephraim Hertzano who has been recognized as a game from Israel.


Edushape is the next Israeli product to give birth to children's intelligence. Edushape's offices are headquartered in Rosh Ha'ayin, Israel. However, this game which is quite popular in Indonesia is produced by China. 

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