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 Marcus Gideon-Kevin Sanjaya Contribute Indonesia's First Points

The Indonesian men's doubles pair, ranked first in the world, managed to contribute Indonesia's first points when they faced Mads Pieler Kolding-Frederik Sogaard in the 2021 Sudirman Cup group stage.

Mads Pieler Kolding-Frederik Sogaard itself is currently the world's number 166 men's doubles and Marcus-Kevin has never met them before so this clash will be interesting.

Marcus-Kevin managed to overthrow the Danish pair in straight sets 21-19 and 21-15 even though they had faced stiff resistance from their opponents.

The match between Marcus-Kevin against Kolding-Frederik Sogaard was fierce and tense. The Minions had trailed 7-11 in the first interval.

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Slowly Marcus-Kevin continued to provide fierce resistance until the score became 11-14. Marcus Kevin continues to press Kolding-Frederik Sogaard's defense until the point is 14-15

However, Marcus-Kevin several times got pressure from the opponent so that he had to come back 3 points behind to be 14-17. Marcus-Kevin started to play calmly and managed to put pressure on until slowly following the score to 19-19. Finally, after getting the rhythm of the game back, The minions ended the first set with a 21-19 victory.

In the second set, the game was fierce again, the two pairs chasing each other for points at the beginning of the game until the score was 5-5. The chase of points continued until the end of the first interval. However, the Danish pair managed to end the first interval of the second set with a thin score of 10-11 points.

In the second interval, Marcus-Kevin led the score back to 13-11. The game with hard smashes was demonstrated by Marcus-Kevin to trouble the opponent's defense.

The Minions slowly began to move away from the pursuit of the Danish pair to 17-14 points and further away by 18-15 points.

 Greysia Poli Apriyani Rahayu Brings Indonesia Squad to Winner of Group C Sudirman Cup 2021

Greysia again became an important figure in the match for the 2021 Sudirman Cup group C title. After successfully stealing one crucial point in the fourth match, the Indonesian Squad met Denmark.

The fourth party in the continuation of the group C stage between Indonesia and Denmark brought together the two best women's doubles from both teams.

Greysia Polii/Apriyani Rahayu represented the Garuda squad against Sara Thygesen/Maiken Fruergaard.

This is a very crucial party for the Indonesian team, it is known that before this match the Garuda squad was left behind against Denmark with a score of 1-2. Where two Indonesian singles players must admit the superiority of their opponents, while Indonesia's one point was obtained by The Minions in today's opening match.

Kevin Sanjaya/Marcus Gideon managed to overthrow the Danish pair in straight sets 21-19 and 21-15 through a fairly tough match from their opponent, which made fans of the heart gymnastics supporters, especially in the first game.

The match between Marcus/Kevin against Kolding/Frederik in the first interval of the first game was tense. Where The Minions had left behind 7-11 in the first interval. However, in the second interval, Marcus-Kevin continued to provide fierce resistance until the score became 11-14. Marcus Kevin continued to change their style of play by pounding the Kolding/Frederik Sogaard defense to 14-15 points.

Not staying silent, Frederik / Kolding reacted quickly so that Marcus-Kevin was under pressure several times again so that they had to go back 3 points behind to be 14-17.At the crucial point, Greysia/Apriyani, who previously also played in the second match of the Group C preliminary round against Canada, managed to beat Denmark's representatives in two straight games with a score of 21-17 and 21-9.

Maiken Fruergaard/Sara Thygesen attack more at the beginning of the first game. However, the defense of Greysia Polii/Apriyani Rahayu was strong enough to stem the attacks of the Danish pair. In the last match, the Indonesian squad fielded their number one mixed doubles, Praveen Jordan/Melati Daeva. The Honey Couple became the decisive factor in Indonesia's victory against Denmark after defeating Mathias Thyrri/Amalie Magelund. With a score of 21-8, 21-17.

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Indonesia Wins Sudirman Cup Group 2021: Be Careful! This is Indonesia's opponent candidate in the quarter-finals

The Indonesian badminton team has successfully passed Indonesia to the 2021 Sudirman Cup quarter-finals as Group C winners. This has been confirmed after Praveen/Melati's mixed doubles debut became the determinant of Indonesia's victory over Denmark in the last match of Group C.

The Indonesian mixed doubles managed to beat the Danish pair Mathias Thyrii and Amelia Magelund with two straight games 21-8 and 21-17, at Energia Areena, Vaanta, Finland.

These results put Indonesia at the top of the standings with three points, one point difference from Denmark, which was runner-up in Group C. Indonesia's opponent candidate is still unknown. The reason is that the lottery will only be drawn on Thursday evening local time or around 01.00 WIB Friday morning.

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