Getting to know PI Bedugul or often called the ghost palace


When you hear the word Bali spoken, what comes to your mind must be its natural charm and tourism that has been recognized by the world. The beautiful beaches, the charm of the sunset that spoils the eyes to the waving waves seem to welcome you to the island of the gods. Yes, all these charms are guaranteed to spoil your eyes and soul when you visit Bali! However, behind the beauty of Bali tourism, there is a mystical story stored in it. Bali is indeed famous for its unique and mystical aura that is thick. No exception in the famous mystical "The Ghost Palace". Curious? Let's see the review

Founded under the name PI Bedugul Taman Rekreasi Hotel and Resort, Ghost Palace Hotel was first discovered by accident by Jacob Laukaitis. He found it in December 2015 when he got lost on his traveling trip. Then he recorded it and then uploaded the video on his Youtube account. Suddenly Jacob's video shocked Bali and all its audience. Located in the mountainous area of ​​the Bedugul plateau, about 50 kilometers north of Kuta, the Ghost Palace Hotel stands firmly like an old noble who has fallen. The building is not completely intact, the snake statue in the middle of the hotel looks furious, the impression of being haunted, dark, and damp looks strong from its exterior. dull on the wall. The floor is made of new marble, which unfortunately has never been cleaned. However, you can still feel the splendor of the Ghost Palace Hotel when visiting Bali. For more than a decade standing abandoned, Ghost Palace Hotel still keeps the hotel furniture and equipment that was deliberately provided to welcome the first guests, before the inn was finally abandoned.

Until now there is no definite story that mentions the origin of the Ghost Palace Hotel. Or the exact history that tells of this inn. However, among the various issues circulating, two stories are the most famous. The first story came from the Sandalwood Family. It is said that around the 1990s, the Ghost Palace Hotel was originally built as an investment project for Tommy Suharto, the youngest son of former Indonesian President Suharto. judge in the Supreme Court. He reportedly killed the judge because he was caught committing a criminal act of corruption. Since then, the construction of his Bedugul Recreation Park Hotel and Resort PI has no longer been continued.

The second story came from residents. That said, reportedly PI Bedugul Taman Rekreasi Hotel and Resort was an inn that was actively operating and filled with guests.

One day, everyone suddenly disappeared in one night. It is suspected that the residents left the hotel because they were disturbed by astral beings.

The astral beings came from construction workers who died while working, because they were too tired while building PI Bedugul Taman Rekreasi Hotel and Resort. According to residents' stories, they often see the figure of a woman with short hair coming out of the hotel and teasing the drivers. He also often walks around the hotel.

There is also news that this haunted hotel often makes noise at certain times. This sound seemed to frighten everyone who passed by, because the building was old and empty.

Formerly the Ghost Palace Hotel was guarded by two people known as the Keeper of Cleanliness and the Keeper of the Gate. Because since the occupants left, this hotel is not open to the public. Anyone who wants to enter the Ghost Palace is expected to bring a retribution room of Rp. 10 thousand.

Until now, many bloggers or tourists who like mystical destinations take the time and see for themselves the strange events that have ever happened. Even so, nowadays, reportedly no one is allowed to enter the Ghost Palace Hotel area. Unfortunately, until now, no one knows for sure who the official owner of this spooky hotel is.

Although it is widely reported as a haunted and haunted place, this does not dampen the interest of tourists to explore it. Mainly foreign tourists. Many of them were curious and finally came to this haunted hotel. Well, however, it must be admitted that this building is majestic and beautiful! However, those of you who want to test your guts there still have to be careful. Take care of yourself, your thoughts and your words, yes. Regardless of whether this building is haunted or not, Bali is indeed famous.

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