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13 BLBI Employers Called by Task Force This Friday, There's Nirwan-Indra Bakrie

The Task Force for Handling State Collection Rights for Bank Indonesia Liquidity Assistance Funds (BLBI Task Force) plans to recall several BLBI debtors. The summons is scheduled for Friday, September 17. The names to be called are Andrus Roestam Moenaf, Pinkan Warrouw, Nirwan Dermawan Bakrie, and Indra Usmansyah Bakrie, and Anton Setianto from PT Usaha Mediatronika Nusantara. The company has a debt of Rp 22,677,129,206.

The time for the summons is scheduled at 09.00-11.00 WIB at the Syafrudin Prawiranegara Building, North 4th Floor, Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia, JI. East Banteng Field 2-4, Central Jakarta. "Completing the right to collect state funds from BLBI funds of at least Rp. 22,677,129,206 to settle debtors' obligations for former Bank Putera Multikarsas," reads the announcement signed by the Chairman of the BLBI Task Force, Rionald Silaban. does not fulfill the obligation to settle the State's claim rights, then actions will be taken as regulated in the laws and regulations. Thus this announcement is to be fulfilled, "added the announcement.

Other debtors who were summoned were on behalf of Thee Ning Khong, The Kwen le, PT Jakarta Kyoei Steel Works Ltd Tbk, PT Jakarta Steel Megah Utama, and PT Jakarta Steel Perdana Industry. In this case, those who were asked to appear were Thee Ning Khong, The Kwen le, Harry Lasmono Hartawan, Koswara, Haji Sumedi, Fuad Djapar, Eddy Heryanto Kwanto, and Mohamad Toyib. 15.00 WIB to settle the state collection rights for BLBI funds of at least each of:

- Rp 90,667,982,747 on behalf of Thee Ning Khong

- Rp 63,235.642,484 in the name of The Kwen le

- Rp 86,347,894,759 on behalf of PT Jakarta Kyoei Steel Works Tbk

- Rp 69,080,367,807 on behalf of PT Jakarta Steel Megah Utama

- Rp 69,337,196,123 to settle the debtor's obligations of former Global International Bank on behalf of PT Jakarta Steel Perdana Industry

"If you do not fulfill the obligation to settle the State's claim rights, then actions will be taken as regulated in the laws and regulations. Thus this announcement has to be fulfilled," reads the closing of the announcement.

 Indra Bakri and Nirwan Bakri Billed by Task Force for BLBI Rp22.6 Billion

The BLBI Task Force summoned two members of the Bakrie family, namely Nirwan Bakrie and Indra Ismansyah Bakrie. Both were asked to attend on Friday (17/9/2021). The summons is related to the debt that must be paid by the BLBI debtor of former Bank Putera Multikarsa. Its value reaches Rp. 22.6 billion. "You are requested to be present to appear before the Head of the Team C Collection and Litigation Working Group (Pokja)," was quoted as saying, Tuesday (14/9/2021). Apart from Nirwan and Indra Bakrie, who are still in the same billing process, the Task Force also summoned four other parties. The four parties included PT Usaha Mediatronika Nusantara, Pinkan Warrouw, Andrus Roestam Munaf, and Anton Setianto. The Task Force asked BLBI debtors to fulfill the summons. The reason is, if you don't comply and don't pay the BLBI debt, the Task Force will not hesitate to take steps following applicable regulations. Previously, the BLBI Task Force had also summoned other BLBI obligors and debtors. Interestingly, several BLBI obligors are listed as having addresses in Singapore. Several names that were announced by the BLBI Task Force regarding the collection included Tommy Suharto, Kaharudin Ong, Agus Anwar, and the two buts owners of Bank Aspac.

Hunted by Task Force, 5 BLBI evaders tracked in Singapore, 3 run away?

The Indonesian Embassy in Singapore has sent a summons to 8 obligors of the Bank Indonesia Liquidity Assistance (BLBI) who have been hiding in the neighboring country for decades. The five include Sjamsul Nursalim, Setiawan Harjono, Sujanto Gondokusumo, Trijono Gondokusumo and Kwan Benny Ahadi. Meanwhile, the other 3 letters, namely Kaharudin Ongko, Agus Anwar, and Hendrawan Harjono, were returned because the person in question was not at that address. Indonesian Embassy in Singapore Ratna Lestari According to the Task Force's records, Agus Anwar has a residence at 391A Orchard Road Tower A#24-01 Ngee Ann City, Singapore 238873. Kaharudin Ongko also has an address in the Peterson Hill area, Singapore. Meanwhile, the duo of Bank Aspac, namely Setiawan and Hendrawan, has been addressed at Peninsula Plaza, North Bridge Road, Singapore, and 4 Shenton Way, SGX Center 2, Singapore. Setiawan Harjono and Hendrawan Harjono, a duo of high-ranking Bank Asia Pacific (Aspac) officials, were summoned concerning BLBI claim rights worth Rp3.57 trillion.

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