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Buleleng Regent Proposes Vaccine Booster For Tourism Actors

Buleleng, InfoPublik - Buleleng Regent Putu Agus Suradnyana proposed to the Bali Provincial Government to provide a vaccine booster or the third vaccine for tourism actors. Boosters like Pfizer and Moderna.

"People want a speedy recovery. We have to look at the facts that tourism is expected to recover and rise," he said when met at the Buleleng Regent's Office, Monday (13/9/2021).

Agus Suradnyana explained that this idea or proposal had been submitted to the Governor of Bali. This proposal is based on what is happening in Balinese society today.

Everyone hopes that tourism, which has been the backbone of the economy, can recover. Including what has happened in other areas to quickly rise from adversity.

For example, in the United States, people who watch tennis are no longer wearing masks and sitting not far apart. "This is the basis of my proposal. How the economy, especially the economy and tourism will soon rise, "he explained.

Against this background, the thought of discussing it openly with the central government and provincial governments emerged.

How in areas where the tourism economy interacts can a third booster or vaccine be given. The vaccine can be Moderna or Pfizer.

With the provision of the third vaccine, it can give confidence to people from outside such as tourists to tourism areas. This should be tried first in some tourist areas.

If we can't afford it, try one first in Kuta, for example. People don't have to be infected anymore. Why Pfizer or Moderna?.

"Because, I'm sorry, there are those who don't believe it. We still have examples that have been vaccinated three times with certain vaccines still getting hit again," said Agus Suradnyana.

Agus Suradnyana said that for him this proposal meant that if the central government did not have the budget to provide a third vaccine with Pfizer or Moderna, cooperation could be carried out in the Bali Provincial Government.

Discussions and negotiations can be carried out by hotel owners and investors who invest in Bali regarding the purchase of a modern booster.

Discussions or approaches can also be carried out with consulates-general of friendly countries in Bali such as European Union countries.

It can be Business to Business (B2B) or Government to Government (G2G). G2G is carried out through the central government and B2B through tourism actors.

“If this can be done, I am sure our tourism will recover faster. I have told the governor. I submit this proposal for input only for the common good. I'm just giving an idea from what I saw," he said. (MC of Buleleng Regency

To restore the economy, a vaccine booster is proposed for tourism players

The Buleleng Regency Government has proposed to the Bali Provincial Government (Pemprov) to provide a vaccine booster or the third vaccine for tourism actors. This step was taken to provide support for the recovery of tourism in the Buleleng Regency. This was stated by the Coordinator of the Data and Information Sector for the Covid-19 Handling Task Force (Satgas) of Buleleng Regency Ketut Suwarmawan through a press release on Monday (13/9).

Furthermore, Suwarmawan explained that this proposal was made based on the current condition of the Balinese people. The community hopes that tourism, which has been the backbone of the economy in Bali, can recover. Including what has happened in other areas to quickly rise from adversity.

Meanwhile, regarding the development of the handling of Covid-19 in Buleleng Regency, Suwarmawan said today there were 5 new confirmations, namely Buleleng District 4 people and Busungbiu District 1 person. 2 people died.

Meanwhile, 17 people recovered, namely 4 people from Banjar Subdistrict, 3 people from Buleleng Subdistrict, 1 person from KubuAddan Subdistrict, 1 person from Sawan Subdistrict, 3 people from Seririt Subdistrict, and 5 people from Sukasada Subdistrict.

Cumulatively, Suwarmawan said there were 10,246 confirmed cases in Buleleng Regency, with details of recovering 9,594 people, 513 people dying, and 139 people being treated.

Dinas Pariwisata Coordinates Regarding Sobean

In the framework of submitting the Branding Tourism and Creative Campaign Award 2021, the Head of the Marketing Division coordinates to Rumah Intaran to ask questions related to The Spirit of Soybean. Going forward, related to the theme of the creative campaign, the Marketing Sector will intensively communicate with Gede Kresna as the owner of the Intaran House and curator of The Spirit of Soybean. Buleleng Regent Putu Agus Suradnyana introduced the term Soybean. This term will be used as branding of superior products in Buleleng.

Regent Agus revealed that he got the term Soybean from his late mother, Nyoman Ayu SetiawatiAgus said, Soybean, was a local term in Banyuatis Village, his hometown.

“When I was little, I was offered mangoes. I declined because I thought it tasted sour. But my mother said if it was Soybean sing it might be bad. You could say Soybean means the best, the top one. From there, I wanted to use the word Soybean as a branding,” he said.

Later local products in Buleleng will be selected strictly. Products that are considered superior will be included in the (Soybean) group.

So that it becomes a kind of guarantee of quality and quality of the product. In fact, it can be extended to guarantee the quality of service.

“The results of SMEs can enter, agricultural products can. Later, tourist destinations and hotels can also enter. Destinations, for example, are not only judged by the view.

But the beauty and the service. This includes the friendliness of the local residents who support the existence of these tourist attractions," said Regent Agus.

Specifically, in the field of SME and agricultural products, Regent Agus said the assessment would be carried out in stages. For the initial stage, agricultural products such as durian and grapes will be branded with the term Soybean.

After receiving the branding, the Regional Company (PD) Swatantra is obliged to assist in the marketing and promotion process for these products.

So there is a difference in the value and price obtained by farmers and MSME entrepreneurs.

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