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Tumpek Wayang is a series of Tumpek holy days that fall every 6 months (210 days). according to the Balinese calendar, it falls on Saturday / Saniscara Kliwon Wuku Wayang. According to tradition in Bali, a child born in Wuku Wayang must melukat with Tirta Wayang Sapuh Leger. On this holy day, Hindus will carry out a ceremony aimed at God as a manifestation as the God of Weather (Dewa Iswara) to ask for the safety and serenity of the people. Tumpek Wayang also means art day because this day is believed to be the birthday of various types of art instruments such as gong, gender, wayang, barong, and so on.

Tumpek Wayang is a reflection where the world is filled with negative things. Humans will be overwhelmed by darkness, ignorance, arrogance, and rage so that Lord Shiva will send Sanghyang Samirana to come down to the world and will become a mediator to give positive power to humans to carry out their activities. We know this mediator as the Dalang. Dewa Iswara will also give power to a puppeteer called Taksu. With this power, a Dalang will be able to perform wayang performances with stories filled with humorous philosophy, criticism, suggestions, and realities that occur in everyday life so that those who watch this show will suggest themselves with positive energies. It is hoped that this positive energy will balance the physical and mental spiritual in humans. There are interesting stories according to Balinese beliefs, especially about children born to coincide with Tumpek Wayang. They believe that children born on that day must be ceremoniously performed with a fairly large ceremony, one of which is the Wayang Sapuh Leger performance. The purpose of this ceremony is to prevent the children from being disturbed by Dewa Kala.

In the lontar Sapuh Leger it is called, Lord Shiva permitted Dewa Kala to eat children born in Wuku Wayang. For the safety of the children, a ceremony must be carried out by cleaning with Tirta Wayang Sapuh Leger (Sapuh = cleaning, Leger = polluted or dirty). Tumpek Wayang also means "Art Day" because it is ritually performed with various types of arts such as wayang, barong, Rangda, masks, Gelungan, and all kinds of gamelan in Bali.

Tumpek Wayang itself is a pile of transition times and that day falls on Saturday/Saniscara Kajeng Kliwon, Wayang. Saniscara is the last day in the calculation of Saptawara, Kajeng is the last day in the calculation of Triwara, and Kliwon is the last day in the calculation of Pancawara. While Tumpek Wayang is the last Tumpek of a sequence of six Tumpek in the Balinese Pawukon calendar cycle.

Tumpek Wayang is a manifestation of Dewa Iswara whose function is to illuminate the darkness, enlighten life in the world, and be able to awaken the power of art and beauty. Tumpek Wayang is a reflection where the world is filled with darkness, humans are filled with stupidity, arrogance, and wrath. Therefore, Shiva also sent Sanghyang Samirana to come down to the world to give strength to humans who will later act as mediators in carrying out their activities.

Its Function and Purpose in Hinduism

The function of the ceremony on Tumpek Wayang Day is to illuminate humans from darkness, to enlighten life in the world, and to be able to awaken the power of art and beauty.

In Hindus, the function carried out by Sapuh Leger is to keep people born on that day away from danger and calamity. Lord Shiva said I have three eyes (Tri Netra) between my forehead there is one more eye, the invisible eye that can see the whole world is closed with Cudamani. In the end, Dewa Kala couldn't predict this verse perfectly, besides the sun was inclined to the west, then Dewa Kala had no right to eat his father Shiva.

Therefore, Dewa Kala continued his pursuit of Dewa Rare Kumara, who had run far into the courtyards of people's homes. Finally, at night meeting a Dalang performing a puppet show, Rare Kumara entered the tubing (bamboo vessels) of the gender wayang (wayang music) and Dewa Kala ate the puppet offerings.

Therefore, Ki Mangku Dalang advised Dewa Kala not to continue his intention to eat Dewa Rare Kumara, because Dewa Kala had eaten the puppet offerings as a ransom. Dewa Kala was no longer powerless to continue his pursuit, so Dewa Rare Kumara finally survived.

Thus, Dewa Rare Kumara is told as a myth that a child born on the day that coincides with Wuku Wayang is considered a Sukerta child and will be eaten by Bhatara Kala, therefore the child must be injured with the Wayang Sapuleger Tirta.

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