Vaccination activities in seririt district of Buleleng

 Program from the Central Government organized by the Buleleng Regency Health Office held at the Unggahan Traditional Village Wantilan and Seririt II Health Center, the people who have been vaccinated have reached 2,249 people from the total number of Unggahan Village residents aged over 18 years as many as 2,420 people and 171 people have not received the Covid-19 vaccination. Looking at the existing data, it shows that the awareness of the community to succeed the Central Government and Bali Provincial Government through the direction of the Governor of Bali to accelerate the COVID-19 vaccination process until the vaccination schedule in the village on June 29, 2021 is calculated to have reached 93%. The health facilities involved in the vaccination of the Buleleng District Health Office, Seririt II Health Center, Busungbiu II Health Center and assisted by a team from Seririt sub-district, Unggahan Village Apparatus and BPD, and involved Bhabinkamtibmas and Babinsa Unggahan Village. The upload village head office will seek a vaccine for the uploaded village residents who have not received the vaccine before the 2nd dose of vaccine is implemented in August 2021. The uploaded village head office is very grateful to the Buleleng District Health Office, Seririt II Health Center, Busungbiu II Health Center, Team from Seririt District, Village Apparatus Uploads, BPD, Bhabinkamtibmas and Babinsa Unggahan Village, have helped smooth the vaccine that has been implemented.The Head of Social Affairs of Buleleng I Putu Karimaman Putra, S.Sos, MM led the Covid-19 Vaccination activity in Ularan Village, Seririt District with the Head of Social Services and Rehabilitation Maman Wahyudi, S.sos as the coordinator of Team II of the CGT Team, and all levels of the Village Office Staff. Snake Yang is located in the wantilan of Snake Village.Saturday, May 29, 2021 Rangdu Village received a vaccination schedule From the Seririt III Health Center located at the Rangdu Village Hall Paruman, there were also targets who received the vaccine, aged 18 years and over, with a share of 200 people.

Vaccinations in Rangdu Village went smoothly, which always implemented the Health Protocol. And Rangdu Village Apparatus participated to assist in the vaccination activities.

The participation of the people of Rangdu Village registered was 223 people, 8 people did not attend, 79 people were vaccinated, 119 people were delayed, and 17 people were not given.

Hopefully, with this mass vaccination, people can avoid Covid-19.

This Phase I Vaccination Residents of the Ularan Village Community are very enthusiastic to get vaccinations from the Buleleng Regency Government, the Astrazeneca Vaccine which was brought by the Covid-19 Vaccination officer from the Seririt II District Health Center. Buleleng totaled 15 vials of vaccine, used 7 vials and 8 vials of the remaining vaccine.

The data of citizens who have registered to be vaccinated today are as many as 85 people who were successfully vaccinated as many as 77 people, consisting of 17 elderly people and 60 people from public services, and 8 people who were postponed to be vaccinated today due to health problems.

justify;">I Gusti Nyoman Suryawan Perbekel of Ularan Village would like to thank the Provincial or Central Government and the Regency Government for the assistance in vaccinating our community in Ularan Village and for the Social Service, Seririt II Health Center, thank you for being there to accompany this vaccination activity.

Covid-19 Vaccination Activities, to residents of Patemon Village and its surroundings. This is the role of the Bali Police in the vaccination program for the Balinese people. The vaccination event was attended by the Head of Seririt Ketut Aryawan S.STP, MM. together with the Seririt Sector Police Chief, accompanied by the Head of Government Affairs and the Head of District Socio-Cultural Affairs, which took place at the local Village Office wantilan.

(07/06/2021) Located at the Kelodan Hamlet Hall, Kalianget Village, a vaccination was held with a vaccine quota of 330, the vaccination activity took place from 08.30 while still observing the health protocol, also attended by Mr. Seririt Sub-district Head Nyoman Agus Tri Kartika Yuda, S.IP, M.SI and staff. The criteria for this vaccine are 18 years of age and over, have no congenital disease, and are prioritized for the elderly. Vaccination activities in Kalianget village were facilitated by health workers from Seririt Health Center 1. There were 417 registered residents, 342 people who were vaccinated, 51 people who failed to get their vaccines due to congenital diseases. Vaccine activities that have been carried out according to the schedule from the sub-district are still available. some residents of Kalianget Village who have not received vaccine services, and we from the Kalianget Village Government will resubmit people who have not been vaccinated to the District through the District for the health of the community so that they are free from the covid-19 virus

Vaccination has taken place at the Seririt I Health Center on April 3, accompanied by a Village Midwife, Elderly aged 59 years and over who are targeted by the health center to administer the vaccine, previously the Perbekel and Village Apparatus Staff had finished implementing the vaccine. Elderly people who have not vaccinated will receive a schedule from 7 to 10 April 2021 at the Seririt I Health Center during working hours by bringing their EL-KTP and Health Insurance Card.

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