Handling OTG Covid-19, Pemdes throughout Buleleng Prepare Central Isolation Facilities


The overall efforts of the Buleleng Covid-19 Task Force in dealing with Covid-19 cases continue to be carried out in synergy with all relevant stakeholders. Vaccination programs, strengthening of Emergency PPKM, massive 3T (testing, tracing, and treatment) efforts and even providing a centralized isolation place for patients with mild symptoms (OTG-GR) are continuously being pursued. This is done considering the last few days confirmed cases of Covid-19 continue to increase. This was conveyed by the Coordinator of the Data and Information Sector of the Buleleng Covid-19 Task Force, Ketut Suwarmawan, S.STP, M.M when giving an update on the handling of Covid-19 in his office, Monday (19/7).

This was further conveyed by Ketut Suwarmawan who is also the Head of the Communications and Information Technology Office of Buleleng, in minimizing the transmission of Covid-19 from OTG-GR patients who are undergoing self-isolation. The Task Force continues to strive to create a centralized isolation place provided by the district, sub-district, and village. This is done to facilitate supervision of OTG-GR patients so that they do not infect their families.

"After Undiksha Singaraja provided a dormitory for centralized isolation, yesterday the Bali Mandara Vocational High School in KubuAddan were also ready to accommodate OTG-GR patients. Even the Taruna Mandara High School in Kaliasem Village is also ready to accommodate if the Bali Mandara Vocational High School / High School is full," he said.

After a virtual meeting with the Bali Provincial Government yesterday explained Kadis Suwarmawan, the Regency Covid-19 Task Force was also encouraged to provide a centralized isolation place in the village or hamlet and guarded by the task force. Hotel facilities, villas, and other representative places may be used as a place of central isolation.

“Reports for the provision of village centralized isolation have come in, up to hundreds of beds. However, not all villages have OTG-GR cases and not all OTG-GR patients in their village are prepared. This obstacle will be answered by the Buleleng Covid-19 Task Force. he explained.

Meanwhile, regarding the development of the Covid-19 case today, the Head of the Suwarmawan District Office revealed that the patients recovered from Covid-19 were quite significant, as many as 121 people were declared cured and allowed to go home. Meanwhile, there were 64 new confirmed cases, then 5 people died and 794 people were undergoing treatment.

Regarding cumulative confirmed cases, Suwarmawan said that there were 5,497 confirmed cases, 4,475 recovered, 228 people died and 790 patients were treated in Buleleng and 4 people were being treated outside Buleleng.Meanwhile, to handle Covid-19 patients with the status of People Without Symptoms (OTG), all village governments throughout Buleleng Regency will be directed to collect data and prepare infrastructure that can be used as a centralized isolation facility. The directive was delivered by the Head of the Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) of Buleleng Regency, Putu Ariadi Pribadi, through a coordination meeting on Monday (19/7), in the BPBD meeting room of Buleleng Regency.

Furthermore, Ariadi directed that following the direction of the Regional Secretary of Buleleng Regency, the number of centralized isolation facilities must be fully recorded. To that end, his party synergizes with the Office of Communication, Information, Encryption, and Statistics; Village Community Empowerment Service; and the entire district government in carrying out the data collection.

"It has been agreed that each sub-district submits data that has been collected from each village regarding centralized isolation facilities, including where, the number of rooms prepared, how many beds are ready, and how many have been filled and how much is left," he explained 

Through this coordination, Ariadi targets that in the next 2 days the centralized isolation facilities at the village level can be fully registered. This is also while his party records all centralized isolation facilities at the district level.

In addition, Ariadi said that the centralized isolation facilities in the district are ready to be used, so far there are 142 beds in the Undiksha dormitory, 184 beds at the Bali Mandara High School, and 128 beds at the Bali Mandara Vocational School. According to Ariadi, this number will continue to be increased by exploring infrastructure in Buleleng Regency which can be used as a centralized isolation facility.Meanwhile, the humanist and educative approach is the foremost effort carried out in overseeing regional policies or regulations in supervising the enforcement of the Covid-19 Emergency Community Activity Restrictions (PPKM) in Buleleng Regency by the Civil Service Police Unit (Pol-PP). Massive socialization is always done before taking action

"Until now, there have been no reports from the public of any harsh or arrogant actions or even coercion in carrying out tasks with the team. Our system continues to prioritize education and humanism in our duties, so that there are no frictions," said Head of the Buleleng District Civil Service Police Unit (Pol-PP) Putu Artawan when interviewed on Sunday (18/7) via telephone.

Furthermore, Kasat Putu said that in carrying out their duties, his party always refers to the Regent's Regulation (Perbup) No. 41 of 2020 concerning the Implementation of Discipline and Law Enforcement of Health Protocols as an Effort for Prevention and Control of Corona Virus Disease 2019 in the New Era of Life Order.

"The guidelines are clear by Perbup 41 of 2020. The implementation of the Covid-19 Emergency PPKM, which began on July 3, 2021, has been socialized to the community first in a humane and educative manner for three days before we take action. We don't use violence in taking action, but more persuasively and humanely," he said.

In carrying out his duties, Kasat Artawan added that his party always synergizes with the TNI-Polri, the Transportation Service, BPBD so that it always produces a harmonious and optimal balance and according to procedures.

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