Buleleng achieves 80% Vaccination

 Serious efforts by the Buleleng Regency Government (Pemkab) to maximize the achievement of the vaccination target continue to be carried out. Various cross-sectoral synergy steps have also been taken, so that the vaccination achievement as of July 24, 2021 has reached a percentage of 79.96 percent. The vaccination achievement is the first dose targeting the general public and adolescents in Buleleng Regency. The Coordinator of Data and Information for the Buleleng Covid-19 Handling Task Force, Ketut Suwarmawan, explained that until today (25/7).

The Buleleng Regency Government is still carrying out vaccinations in villages and schools. “We continue to carry out vaccinations in villages and schools, this has also received a positive response from the community. We believe that with the high enthusiasm of the community to participate in vaccination, what is the target of the Task Force can be achieved quickly," said Suwarmawan, who is also the Head of Kominfosanti Buleleng.

He added that provisional data on the achievement of the second dose of vaccination as of July 24 had reached 10.58% with the same target, namely the general public and youth. Kadis Suwarmawan emphasized that the second dose of vaccination was also boosted to completion. "We ask people who are approaching the second dose of vaccination to prepare well, keep their bodies fit and healthy. With full support from the community, hopefully the target can be achieved quickly and the pandemic can be passed," he hoped.

Meanwhile, regarding the development of the handling of the Covid-19 case in Buleleng, the Head of the District Office, Suwarmawan, said that there was a drastic addition of recovered patients, today as many as 98 people were declared cured, with details; from district. Buleleng 30 people, Kec. Sawan 20 people, Kec. Gerokgak 15 people, Kec. Seririt 11 people, Kec. Sukasada 10 people, Kec. Tejakula 8 people, Kec. Banjar 2 people, and 1 person each from Busungbiu and Kubuaddan sub-districts.

Furthermore, today's new confirmed cases were recorded as many as 140 people, mostly from Buleleng District, the rest spread across all sub-districts in Buleleng.

In addition, the development of handling Covid-19, there were also 10 deaths. Among them are residents from Kubuaddan Village who have been treated at Buleleng Hospital since July 11. The patient was a 32-year-old female with symptoms of fever, cough, nausea, and comorbid PE, VTE. The patient was declared dead today, July 25, 2021.

Furthermore, the patient from Banyuning was male, aged 70 years. The patient has been hospitalized since last July 14 with symptoms of cough, comorbid cardiomegaly and was declared dead on July 24, 2021. The next patient from Petakankan Village is a 52-year-old male. The patient entered the hospital on July 21 with symptoms of lethargy, comorbid DM, ACKD and was declared dead on July 24 as well.To ease the burden on the community due to the Java-Bali Covid-19 Emergency PPKM, the Buleleng Regency Government (Pemkab) will immediately realize regular and non-regular Social Assistance (Bansos) provided directly by the Ministry of Social Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia (Kemensos RI) in the form of 3000 packages of rice. . This was conveyed directly by the Coordinator of the Data and Information Division of the Buleleng Regency Covid-19 Handling Task Force, Ketut Suwarmawan, S.STP, M.M, through a press release on Thursday, (22/7).

Of these 3000 rice packages, each 5 kg/package will be given to people who are regular and affected outside of regular assistance such as the Family Hope Program (PKH), Non-Cash Social Assistance (BPNT) and Cash Social Assistance (BST). Meanwhile, as much as 10 Kg/package will be given to the Beneficiary Families (KPM) for the Buleleng Regency area.

Regarding distribution through the Ministry of Social Affairs and distributed by the Social Service (Dinsos) Buleleng which directly delivers to each village/kelurahan, where Buleleng Regency has 148 villages/kelurahan, 20 packages each were given to 129 villages and 11 kelurahan, while 8 sub-districts such as Seririt, Banyuning, Banyuasri, Penarukan, Anyar, Baru, Kajanan and Sukasada villages received 25 packages of rice.

Meanwhile, Ketut Suwarmawan, who is also the Head of the Buleleng Communication and Information Agency, said that all of this was an effort by the government to reduce the burden on the community affected by Covid-19.

"So this is the government's effort so that all people can be helped," he said.

Furthermore, regarding the development of Covid-19 today, Suwarmawan said that today 117 new recovery rates were consisting of 2 people from Banjar District, 48 people from Buleleng District, 4 people from Busungbiu District, 21 people from Gerokgak District, 4 people from Kubuaddan District. , 14 people from Sawan District, 5 people from Seririt District, 16 people from Sukasada District and 3 people from Tejakula District.

While the new confirmation figures, today there were an addition of 165 people consisting of 19 people from Banjar District, 55 people from Buleleng District, 4 people from Busungbiu District, 7 people from Gerokgak District, 7 people from Kubuaddan District, 42 people from Sawan District, 14 people from Seririt District, 13 people from Sukasada District and 4 people from Tejakula District. 7 people died today.

Cumulatively, confirmed cases in Buleleng Regency were 5,877 people with details of 4,766 recovered, 239 people died, 868 people were treated in Buleleng, and 4 people were treated outside Buleleng.

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