Notes for the 4th week of May 2021

 This weekend, several records in the world and local Indonesia adorn our blog pages, including the attack on the Gaza route again by Israel to the point that the Turkish president lobbied European countries to quell attacks carried out by Israel, the next final note is the failure of 75 Kpk employees to follow The National Insight Test (TWK) in Bkn and 51 people were threatened with dismissal, it caused a polemic and the opinions of several experts and figures, plus the participation of several tv and youtube channels enlivened the case that was heating, another note the Panel of Judges imposed a fine of Rp. Habib Rizeiq Regarding the crowd in Megamendung, if they are not paid, they must be sentenced to five months in prison, stating that Mohamad Rizeiq Shihab has been legally and convincingly proven to have committed a criminal act violating the health quarantine. From the IT world, there is news that May 27, 2021, is the birth date of 5G internet in Indonesia, the development of the digital world in Indonesia is extraordinary so it is an extraordinary development as well as a challenge for the Indonesian nation. , buying and selling positions, buying and selling positions are set at 5 to 150 million for a position, the latest news this week is the appointment of the guitarist of the slank group Abdi Negara to become a commissioner of PT Telkom. Seawater entered the mainland area and inundated several highways in the Sanur and Kuta areas. From the news on the corruption case, the Markup explore Buleleng case file was handed over to the Denpasar Tipikor Court, while the 8 suspects were still being entrusted to the Class 2b Singaraja prison and 3 female suspects were entrusted to the Sector Police Sawan Buleleng. while on fire This happened on the Karya Indah passenger motor ship (KMP), which caught fire in the seas of northern Maluku, carrying 181 passengers and the crew of Sukur all survived due to the alertness of other ships and the search and rescue team.

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