A holiday full of concern


Buda Kliwon wuku dungulan is a Galungan holiday. in April 2021 for Hindus in Bali, also coincides with the holy month of Ramadan Muslims start fasting, Hindus celebrate Galungan every 6 months or 210 days, but yesterday was very different from the holiday atmosphere that we felt because the atmosphere was still a worrying pandemic, the road feels lonely, the vehicles are not as busy as in previous years, many Hindus are still in the village because of the impact of tourism which is still quiet, some cannot go home (homecoming) to save costs, for a year there have been activities, creativity reduced, whether those who have businesses, as employees or government employees, all sectors are affected this year, services, transportation, factories, etc., this holiday is completely minimal in spending on fruits, meat and other holiday necessities. some people have to wait for Thr and meat rations from the office that much, the lesson is that we are told to learn to be concerned about the really heartbreaking situation, we don't know when this situation will change for the better, on this holiday we had time to watch the news of the rejection of Klb deli Serdang democrat party by the ministry Kumham, and colored by blasphemy against Hinduism by a converted lecturer who used to embrace Hinduism and even his ancestors were Hindu according to his family. The person concerned has been out of contact for a long time, even his family doesn't know (funny). from Guntur Singaraja radio, viewers feel lost because Buleleng Round-Up is arguably the Radio Icon who dares to evaluate the government's performance, with its hearing program, hopefully, Buleleng Round-Up will be there again even with another name but the material is not too much different, approaching the holiday right brass Yesterday, April 20, 2021, the author received news that there was an assessment for the position of Exelon 2 (Kadis) in the scope of the government of Buleleng Regency, hopefully, those who have the mandate can maintain their mandate well, the important thing is to follow the rules and run the government cleanly so that the Buleleng Regency Government will move forward in the future, the last hope is The author is that the price of basic commodities ahead of the Kuningan Day can go down so that it can be reached by the people and can be monitored by the Related Service (Government) so that the community feels even. , the author proposes that the government conduct market operations, which are carried out in the open so that the general public knows.

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