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The Story of Crazy Rich Medan Indra Kenz Before Rich, Economical Life to 1 Motorcycle for the Family

Indra Kenz is known as a young figure who lives full of wealth. This man, called Crazy Rich Medan, often creates content to buy expensive things but is considered cheap.

This 25-year-old celebrity then told how she could get a lot of money. He admits that he has been working and collecting money since he was in high school.

"What is certain is that I lawfully get it all, work, and trade as well, anything that can produce as long as it doesn't violate the law and doesn't harm other people, so I do it," said Indra Kenz when met in the Tendean area, South Jakarta, Wednesday. (26/1).

"If the process started from 2011, I have been working since high school, and the turning point was in 2019, and 2020-2021 was my most explosive period," he continued.

It turned out that it was not an easy matter for Indra to be able to achieve the success he is now. However, he admits that trading activities bring in quite a lot of money.

"From crypto trading, I get quite a lot, the most difficult process is IDR 0-IDR 1 billion, when it's IDR 1 billion, to reach IDR 2 billion, IDR 3 billion is not difficult," said Indra.

Indra also said that he had experienced difficult times before becoming a young billionaire. He said he had to live frugally and couldn't enjoy expensive food while he was still living hard.

"In the past, we (the family) had to be economical, we had to be frugal, want to eat out, eat good food, even eat fast food, we still think 'Wow, that's expensive," said Indra.

Besides that, Indra has also experienced when he has to travel as a family using only one motorbike. But now he is satisfied to be able to buy a luxury car for himself and his family.

"In the past, let alone a car, the four of us as a family had to ride a motorbike when we went to eat together," said Indra.

Indra is grateful that his hard work has paid off sweetly with a life that can now be considered comfortable. He feels no need to be afraid to spend money to buy whatever he wants.

"If we can buy anything now, it's enough if we want to go for a walk, we can buy a house or a car for our parents too, Alhamdulillah, yes," concluded Indra. Indra Kenz has been named a suspect in a fraudulent investment fraud case under the guise of trading. Unmitigated, Indra Kenz is threatened with 20 years in prison with multiple articles, namely money laundering and fraud. Indra Kenz was charged with Article 45 paragraph 2 in conjunction with Article 27 paragraph 2 of the ITE Law.

Recently the police gave a surprising statement when examining Indra Kenz. Brigadier General Whisnu Hermawan said the man who was known by the jargon of 'very cheap' was not cooperative.

Whisnu said Indra Kenz closed the information and also lost evidence.

"Indra Kenz covered up all information to the Police. He lost evidence of his cellphone. He lost evidence of his laptop. He even told investigators that he was not an affiliate but an ordinary player," said Brigadier General Whisnu Hermawan. Brigadier General Whisnu Hermawan's statement uploaded by the account The gossip @rumpi_gossip immediately reaped various comments from netizens. Many of them did not agree with Indra Kenz's uncooperative attitude during the examination.

Indra was born in Rantauprapat, North Sumatra on May 31, 1996 with the real name Indra Kusuma. He started his career as an influencer and YouTuber through his account Indra Kesuma which has 1.32 million subscribers.

Before becoming an influencer, he studied at Prima Indonesia University from 2014 to 2018 majoring in Engineering.

Then, he was a radio announcer, MC, and participated in the talent search event The Voice Indonesia 2018. Indra is reported to have several businesses, including an online trading course known as, a clothing line, a beauty clinic, and a food business.

He is nicknamed Crazy Rich Medan because he often shows off his luxurious life through social media, especially Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok.

Indra can be said to be very active on social media so that he becomes a celebrity. However, Instagram with the username @indrakenz suddenly disappeared at this time. Before Indra's Instagram account disappeared, he had more than 1.7 million followers.

For information, Indra's lover, Vanessa Khong, was questioned by the Criminal Investigation Unit of the National Police regarding the alleged investment fraud case through the Binomo application a few days ago.

Based on the examination, it was said that Indra had promised Vanessa Rp. 1 billion, but only Rp. 10 million had been disbursed. 6 The behavior of Indra Kenz's Ngeselin, From Sultan to Rutan Resident,

1. Flexing 'Really Cheap'

Before being imprisoned, Indra Kenz often flexed his wealth on social media. He is known for creating content to show off the price of OOTD which is fantastically valuable and ends with the slogan "very cheap".

2. All Already Purchased

In an interview on a talk show, Indra, who is known for being rich, was asked what 

3. Poor is a Privilege

Indra was ridiculed after saying that someone who was born poor had privileges. The privilege is because someone who is born poor can feel the struggle and become successful, unlike people who are already rich who bear the burden. "The mental pressure is greater," he said.

4. Hate His Parents Because They Are Poor

The statement of being poor as a privilege has gone viral again after Indra said that he hated his parents because he was born poor and difficult. Even Indra had hated his father who made his family live poor and difficult. The man whose real name is Indra Kesuma also blames fate for having to be born to poor parents.

5. Break Up Ex-Fiancé Who Accompanies From Zero

It was recently revealed that Indra Kenz broke up with his ex-fiancé, Susyen Regina because of Vanessa Khong's attraction. Whereas Susyen Regina accompanied Indra Kenz from scratch. Susyen Regina once accompanied Indra Kenz while still performing at a cafe and eating on the side of the road.

6. Relax, Pity Trading Victims

When attending the Denny Sumargo podcast, Indra Kenz admitted that he had thought and felt sorry for the victims of trading in binary options. But Indra then said what happened was the victim's fault. "Sometimes I think about it, it's too bad for them. But then again, I take a different side. They have been reminded, and they do it consciously," he said.

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