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 Dolphins Stranded in Bali, What's Up?

A herd of dolphins stranded on Padanggalak Beach, Bali. Efforts to return them to the sea are underway.

Risso's dolphin or the type of grampus griseus was stranded on Thursday (13/1/2022) afternoon. Head of the Denpasar Coastal and Marine Resources Management Center (BPSPL), Permana Yudiarso, said his party was checking the stranded dolphins, which were discovered from a viral video.

"It turned out that this afternoon there was a viral video of fishermen pulling dolphins at Padanggalak Beach. We checked there were four and one seemed to be stranded sick," said Yudiarso, when contacted Thursday (13/1). was checking the dolphins. According to him, the dolphins are indeed in groups and if someone is sick the loyalty of the herd is high they will wait for their friend and will leave when their friend is dead.

"If one is sick, the loyalty of the herd is high. So, he waits for his friend who is sick until he dies. Finally, he is left behind. If he can recover together, the four of them will return to the deep sea. That's his behavior," he added. 1) last evening, it was reported that one dolphin had washed up on the beach but when we checked the location it was gone. And for those who were stranded today, he said, efforts were made to be pushed back into the ocean.

Currently, one dolphin that has been stranded is being pushed into the sea so as not to be stranded. Meanwhile, other herds are still around the beach.

"We are trying to push it, we push it into the sea, we prevent it from being stranded. When he pushes, there are still those who are stranded and want to go to the sea, it's a sign that they want to die, usually, their behavior is like that," he said.

He also said that if one dolphin died later. A necropsy will then be performed to determine the cause of the pain.

"If he's dead, we'll bury him if later there will be a veterinarian to examine what might have happened. A necropsy was carried out when he died," he said. Meanwhile, Seeing the Lively Dolphins Agility at Lovina Beach

There is nothing more fun than being able to see animals directly in their habitat. This is the experience of watching dolphins swim in the Lovina Sea.

The trip to see dolphins last October, began when the sun was still sleeping in the contest. It was still dark but the inside team had to hurry to Lovina Beach.

We had to get there before dawn because the dolphins at Lovina Beach only appeared in the morning. Arriving at Lovina Beach at around 06.00 WITA, we immediately boarded the boat that we had previously rented. The trip from the beach to the sea took approximately 20 minutes. While on the trip, DIY traveler travelers can see the sunrise and the vast ocean. Calm waves also make the boat trip relaxing.

Arriving at the dolphin location, our ship was immediately greeted by small jumps from a herd of bottlenose dolphins. Feelings of happiness immediately burst because this was the first time seeing dolphins this close in the wild.

The dolphins were so agile swimming to and fro. Their movement was then followed by several other ships. The previously quiet atmosphere was suddenly bustling with tourists' admiration for dolphins. Many raised their cameras and cellphones to capture the moment.

Unfortunately, we were unlucky because at that time the dolphins did not jump as high as in the photos circulating on the internet. No problem, the name is also dolphins in nature, tourists must be satisfied with seeing their free behavior.

Once satisfied to see the dolphins, our boat back to the beach. On the way home, we were treated to views of the coral reefs seen from the boat.

In addition, we can also see small fish swimming around the coral reefs. It felt so comfortable to see other living beings living in harmony like this.

To enjoy a tour of seeing dolphins at Lovina Beach, a traveler is charged Rp. 100 thousand per person. This trip is carried out twice a day in the morning, at 06.00 WITA and 08.00 WITA

People who live around Lovina Beach are familiar with dolphins. Several times they even felt the kindness of the mammal.

One of the service providers to see dolphins at Lovina Beach, Komang Rediasa, told of his close relationship with the dolphins. Since childhood, he has known that dolphins live not far from his house.

Then during the seven years of running the tour, Komang got to know dolphins better. According to him, dolphins are kind-hearted people. I see dolphins were created to be mammals that can understand, tame, and like to help," he said.

"In my experience, the ship's engine died in the middle of the sea. So I had to paddle. At that time, dolphins followed. So I was guided, surrounded," he recounted.

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