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GWK Attractions Reopen

After eight months of closure, the Garuda Wisnu Kencana (GWK) Cultural Park tourist attraction in Bukit Ungasan will reopen on Friday, October 22, 2021.

Instead of a tourist area in the South Kuta area, Badung was immediately greeted enthusiastically by the community.

The first day it opened, tourist visits reached a thousand people. That's just the number recorded until 12.00.

"We have been closed since February 2021. When there was a Bali policy to open international flights, we also chose to open," said Andre Prawiradisastra, GM Marketing, Communication & Event, GWK Cultural Park.

Andre revealed, for the time being, GWK will only be open on Saturday and Sunday weekends. If the situation continues to improve, then GWK will open every day.

"Astungkara, in the next two weeks (the situation improves) we will be open every day," he explained.

According to Andre, the number of visitors of a thousand people in the past half-day has already covered half the number of visits on weekdays. On a normal day before the pandemic, visits could reach 2,000-3,000 people per day. While weekends can reach 5,000-6,000 people.

Because it is still in a pandemic, it limits the number of visits per day. "According to the PeduliLindung application, only 2,000 people are allowed to enter GWK," he explained.

Regarding the new policy regarding travel to Bali having to attach a PCR swab with a negative result, Andre has not been able to assess the impact of the policy. They can only see the next two days. "Whether arrivals to Bali have decreased or not, we must be optimistic," he said.

Well, to attract tourists, it provides discounts. If on a weekday the ticket price is Rp. 125 thousand, now it is Rp. 85 thousand. Residents with Bali ID cards and students who can show their student cards in Bali only pay Rp. 65 thousand.

"If there is one family who has a Bali ID card, they can enter by paying Rp. 200 thousand for four people," explained Andre.

Discounts also apply to museum visitors at the newest Garuda Wisnu statue. If the usual day, the entrance ticket is Rp. 125 thousand, now paying Rp. 50 thousand has been guided by a tour guide. Meanwhile, several tourist attractions in Bali have been reopened for tourists through the trial stage. “Tourism sites are opened on a trial basis, and the number of visitors is limited to 50 percent. An d using the PeduliLindung application," said Head of the Bali Provincial Tourism Office, Putu Astawa, Wednesday (22/9/2021). Bali One of them The opening of these tourist attractions only applies to places that are outdoors or are natural attractions. So, what are the tourist attractions that have reopened, and what are their charms? Here summarizes, Thursday (23/9/2021

1. Kuta Beach, Badung Regency Kuta Beach is a tourist spot that offers a panoramic view of the beach. This can be seen from the stretch of white sand that adorns the rows of trees along the beach.

2. Uluwatu Temple, Badung Regency Uluwatu Temple has been reopened since September 13. This tourist spot, which is located 70 meters above the cliff, offers a panoramic view of the high seas.

3. Bali Bird Park, Gianyar Regency Tourists have been able to visit Bali Bird Park since last September 11. This tourist spot has a collection of 250 species of birds from various regions, including South America

4. Legian Beach, Badung Regency Legian Beach, which has been open for some time, is located not far from Kuta Beach. You can walk from Kuta Beach for beach hopping to Legian Beach.

5. Melasti Beach, Badung Regency Melasti Beach is often used as the center of Melasti Ceremony activities on certain days. If you are lucky, maybe you can see it when you visit these tourist attractions.

6. Sanur Beach, Denpasar City Since it was reopened a few days ago, Sanur Beach has begun to be crowded with tourists who have missed one of the iconic beaches on the Island of the Gods.

7. Tanah Lot, Tabanan Regency Tanah Lot is one of the temples that is never missed by tourists because of its uniqueness, which is by the sea.

8. Sangeh Monkey Forest, Badung Regency Another tourist spot in Badung Regency that has been reopened is the Sangeh Monkey Forest which is famous for its Bukit Sari Temple, a temple that has been around since the 17th century.

9. Bali Botanical Gardens, Tabanan Regency Bali Botanical Gardens are the right place to visit for tourists who want to find fresh air, while seeing nature that is still green and beautiful.

10. Lake Beratan, Tabanan Regency Lake Beratan is located at an altitude of 1,200 meters above sea level (masl) and offers fresh air.

11. Lake Batur, Bangli Regency Lake Batur is located at an altitude of 1,050 meters above sea level and is the largest lake in Bali. This tourist spot offers a natural panorama

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