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Ari Hamzah Questions Clarity of Royalties at Endank Soekamti 

Ari Hamzah, the former drummer for Endank Soekamti, wrote an article regarding his experience of not getting clarity about royalties in Endank Soekamti's band. Although he did not directly mention the name of the band in question, comments from Erix, vocalist of Endank Soekamti, made it clear that the band Ari was referring to was Endank Soekamti. This polemic started with Ari who initially did not know that he was entitled to royalties on the songs and albums he was involved in. Until finally, Ari got a call from the musician with the initials TR. TR and Endank Soekamti once collaborated. The conversation between Ari and TR by telephone came to the matter of royalties. TR admitted that he had fulfilled his obligation to pay royalties for Endank Soekamti's personnel. However, Ari admitted that the money never reached him. After making several efforts, then Ari got his rights. But he still questioned some clarity, such as details of album sales data involving him. According to Ari, until he raised this case to social media, he had not received an answer from his rights regarding album sales transparency. "My response was the same, I was surprised. Why did I get a share? As long as I was active there was never any information/report/discussion about the royalties," Ari wrote in a series of tweets shared via the Twitter account @frogstoneco, on September 5, 2021. Furthermore, in his writings, Ari still questions several clarity regarding his rights that should be guaranteed in the royalty system. "Apart from the single, I am currently also receiving royalties from digital sales of album 1, which from mid-2020 the master management rights for the album are again held by Mas P. Mas P immediately divides and distributes royalties to their respective accounts." "Then, what about the royalties for albums 2 & 3 (post-2015) produced by label W, album 4 produced by label N, and albums 5,6,7 which were independently produced? The royalty case from TR became my trigger to demand my rights to the albums I was involved in." "Still according to the management, none of the players have received royalties from these albums, the royalties go entirely to management," wrote Ari. In response to this, Endank Soekamti's vocalist and bassist, Erix, gave a response. Eric's comments were posted through Ari's Instagram comment column, in an upload discussing this. "Hello, Bung @arihamzah7 why don't you chat directly? Or if you want to share education for musicians, maybe you can invite me on your podcast. You know where my house, office, (number) is on my cellphone. My friends are your friends too. Many can mediate. You also know I'll reply to your chats, pick up your phone. You also know I'm very easy to find." "Your writings lead people's opinions to mislead. But if that's what you want, go ahead. Good luck is always around you," replied Eric. Ari then replied to Erix's comment by revealing the efforts he had made so far, namely contacting Endank Soekamti's management. But unfortunately, Ari feels that he has not received a clear answer. Ari Hamzah resigned from Endank Soekamti on June 22, 2016, citing internal problems with the band from Yogyakarta.

Sule's body is getting thinner Nathalie Holscher admits she can't bear it

Comedian Sule looks a bit different from Nathalie Holscher. Rizky's father Febian and Princess Delina are getting thinner.

This made Nathalie Holscher not have the heart to feel awry for her husband.

Indeed, Nathalie Holscher who is pregnant is getting more and more harmonious with her husband, Sule. Admittedly the former DJ, the moment of his departure from home glued the household together. Nathalie became more spoiled for Sule. Moreover, Nathalie Holscher became pregnant not long after returning to her husband's house.

Nathalie Holscher's gestational age is estimated to be 5 months.

During her pregnancy, Nathalie often accompanied Sule to shoot and also played with the children.

Nathalie also looks more romantic when she is alone with Sule at home.

One of the moments caught on camera was when Nathalie Holscher couldn't bear to see Sule getting thinner. This was seen on the Sule Family YouTube channel, in which Sule reported on her achievements in losing weight.

"Guys, my stomach is starting to go flat," he said. "My style. I want my husband to tell me to diet. Eh, I've been on a diet, oh my goodness, how come being so skinny is going wrong," said Nathalie.

Sule joked that he wasn't on a diet.

Losing weight because he was stressed a lot of thoughts. Not dieting, I'm thinking. Think about her (Nathalie)," he said.

Nathalie smiled shyly because of Sule's teasing. Her husband teased Nathalie in front of the youngest child, Ferdy.

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