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 Olla Ramlan no longer uses the Instagram account name @ollaramlanaufar. As of August 2, 2021, he deleted Aufar's name after Olla Ramlan's name.

Olla Ramlan joined Instagram on December 12, 2012, with the account name @ollaramlanaufar. This hijab-wearing woman is fairly active on Facebook's social media.

Having 16.6 million followers, Olla Ramlan has made 1,605 posts. Some of them post with their children. While posts about her husband, Aufar Hutapea, have not been seen since the last 24 April 2021. Uploading three photos consisting of photos of Aufar practicing shooting, Aufar with the children, and Aufar with himself and also Sean, his son from a previous marriage, Olla Ramlan prays for Aufar's blessings on his birthday. There are no romantic words like a couple in love. He didn't even mention the word husband at all. Replacing it with the words father of my children.

"May Allah SWT perfect your happiness. Whatever the future may be. May Allah SWT always bless your every step. And may Allah SWT always keep your family healthy and physically and mentally. Happy Milad father of my children. Barakallah fii umrik," said Olla quoted from his Instagram.

After almost 9 years of using the @ollaramlanaufar account, Olla finally deleted Aufar's name behind his name. Rumors of their breakup resurfaced. On the day his account changed to @ollaramlan, he made two posts. One post while attending a dental and oral health event, the other being happy to meet a nutritionist. There are no posts about the decision to change the Instagram account.

Only in his last post, Sunday (22/8), he seemed to imply resignation to the scenario from God. He is grateful to be blessed.

"Believe me when the scenario of life that you set up does not go smoothly. What happens to you is the scenario of ALLAH which is much more beautiful. Alhamdulillah am Blessed," said Olla Ramlan.

 Hudy Prayoga's health condition was at its lowest starting at 21.00 WIB, Friday  night last week.

Hudy was forced to return to the Dharmais Hospital last Friday because his health condition began to deteriorate.

Due to passive smoking and working in nightclubs, he has been suffering from pulmonary complications since after Lebaran a few months ago. That was 4 pm last Friday," said Hudy's younger brother, Ivan Prayoga Sompoerno, while talking to Bintang Online, at Karet Bivak TPU, Central Jakarta, last Saturday (9/11).

Unfortunately, Dharmais Hospital does not provide an ICU room for its patients. The doctor who treated Hudy also asked Ivan to find an ICU at another hospital for his brother.

"When Hudy died, I went home because I thought I wanted to find an ICU because there wasn't one in Dharmais," he said

But before the ICU room was found, Hudy was first called to God. He died at 06.20 WIB in the same hospital. Finally, as I remember, Hudy appeared on the Just Alvin talk show with models from the 1980s-1990s: Atalarik, Elmo Hillyawan, Ahmad Hidayat, and Iskandar Hasnam in 2011.

His name had fluttered in those years. Those who like to read youth magazines of that era will remember his name. The shocking news came: Hudy died from lung complications that he had been suffering from for several months.

This is the story of his life that we recorded. When he first set foot in Jakarta. The man who was born in Blitar, July 11, did not expect that because of his brother's offer of vacation, who lives in Jakarta, Hudi became a model. "At that time, my brother's friend was looking for a male model with good and thick hair. I happened to have that criterion," said Hudy.

Hudy's steps faltered due to parental opposition. They do not agree that the youngest of 12 siblings, the couple R. Sampoerno-Robot Aten, is pursuing the world of modeling. His parents can confirm that Hudy will leave Blitar, just like his older sister who lives in Jakarta.

"At that time I was still in the second grade of high school. They were worried that I would suddenly quit school and go to Jakarta. Even though the plan to move to Jakarta was already in my mind," said a fan of Thai cuisine who finally decided to flee to Jakarta after graduating from school.

"Long before the exam, I packed my things and hid them under the bed," Hudi continued, telling the story of his early departure from Blitar.

The enthusiasm to work while studying is paying off. His parents gradually began to approve of the chosen career. His face also began to often decorate the pages of magazines. To hone his skills, Hudy took a course in OQ Modeling. His body is quite proportional, with a height of 180 cm/72.

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